Saving, Renaming, and Deleting Queries

As of July 12, 2021, this "Learn Veracross" site has been deprecated.  It will remain live through December 2022, but will no longer be updated. All knowledge content has moved to the new Veracross Community.  Please update your bookmarks.

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Saving a Query

Once a query has been modified, it is possible to save the query for future use. Saving a query allows the user to choose a name for the saved query, choose the Workspace the query should be saved into, and also decide whether that newly saved query should be displayed in their Favorites.

To save a query, click on the Organize Menu, which is the plus (+) button to the right of the “Run Query” button at the top of the screen, and select “Save to Workspaces”. In the window that appears, enter the query name into the “Description” box, select the appropriate Workspace from the list of workspaces that the user has access to, toggle the “Favorites” option as needed, choose between saving it as a Bookmark or a New Query, and then click the green “Save New Query” button at the bottom.

Renaming a Query

Queries may be renamed even after they have been created. To rename a query, navigate to the “Query Properties” panel on the Query Design screen. Update the query to the new name and save the new query description by overwriting the query, just like any other change. To overwrite a query, you can save changes with by pressing “Ctrl+S” (PC) or “⌘+S” (Mac), or by going to the “Organize Menu” and clicking “Overwrite Query”.

Bookmarks that reference this query will automatically be updated to use the new description, and the new query description will immediately be searchable in Launchpad Search.

Deleting a Query

To remove a saved query from a workspace, open the workspace where the query resides, click the “Edit” button and then the red “X” next to queries to delete.

If a query has been bookmarked by a specific user, and the owner of the query deletes the query, all of the bookmarks pointing to that query will also be deleted. When a query has been saved, it then becomes an individual query. If a query has been saved in multiple places each instance of the query must be deleted individually.