Saved Payment Accounts


This article details how enter payment accounts, and how the school can deactivate the account. 

Adding Saved Payment Accounts

Payers can add saved payment accounts during online enrollment or via the parent portal when access Manage AutoPay or VCPay Wallet.

Deactivating Saved Payment Accounts

Payers cannot delete saved payment accounts themselves; they need to contact you.

  • You can deactivate the saved payment account via the Payment Account Detail screen in Axiom
    • Payment Accounts  can be located in the Payment Accounts query on the AutoPay homepage in Accounting. 
  • This will remove the saved payment account from the VCPay Wallet
  • Saved payment methods associated with upcoming AutoPay batches cannot be deactivated. The saved payment method must be replaced or unenrolled from AutoPay before deactivating.