Running and Creating Cost Center Reports ("FINS")

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If you plan to regularly run the same cost center reports, it may be easier to use the “Copy Specifications” feature in the action menu (see instructions above) and create multiple specs for each cost center so that you do not have to constantly change the spec.

  1. From the General Ledger Homepage, navigate to the Financial Summary section and click on Financial Statement Spec. List.
  2. Select the Financial Statement Spec. you wish to run a cost center on.
  3. If the school intends to use the Financial Statement Spec. with the cost center on a regular basis, use the ‘Copy Specifications” button in the action menu to duplicate the Financial Statement Spec., then navigate back to the Financial Statement Spec. List and open the copied Financial Statement Spec. Be sure to change the Financial Statement Spec. name to match the cost center the school intends to run. If the school is using the cost center report as a one off, simply skip this step.
  4. Navigate to the Lines Tab.
  5. Click on Open Query button in the top right corner next to the search bar. This will bring you to a query with all the FINS lines.
  6. Click on the query design button. From this menu, find the “Type” field, and set it so that only “Actuals” are shown in the query. Once this is done, run the query.
    1. This prevents all of the “Header” and “Total” lines from being batch updated, which helps to ensure that data is printed accurately. 
  7. Click on the action menu button and select Batch Update Records.
  8. From the dropdown menu, select “Cost Center”. Once “Cost Center” is selected, a second dropdown menu will appear on the right. From this menu, select whichever cost center you wish to run. Once the desired cost center is selected, click update records.
  9. Once the records are finished being updated, go back to the Lines tab of the Financial Statement Spec. and click update. You will notice that all the “Actuals” lines now have the desired cost center under the “Cost Center” column.
  10. Run the report.

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