Running a Financial Statement

Running a New Financial Report (Step-by-Step)

  1. On the General Ledger homepage, click on Run a Financial Statement Report.
  2. Select the desired FINS Report.
  3. Select a Fiscal Year.
  4. Select an Accounting Period.
  5. Click Add GL Financial Report.
  6. Choose Generate Report Data from the Action menu.
  7. After the data is generated, click Update.
  8. Choose Preview or Download to review the report.

Viewing/Refreshing Existing Reports

The Financial Statement Report Log can be used to view and refresh reports that have already been run.  Here you can find a listing of every report that has been run. If you've made minor changes to a Financial Statement Spec., or maybe you posted additional journal entries during a fiscal period and want to see the adjusted balances, this log can be used to refresh the data rather than run a new report with the same dates. Using this method will save time prevent an excessively long Financial Statement Report Log with duplicate reports. Please note that dates for financial reports in the Financial Statement Report Log cannot be changed.

How to locate, refresh, and view an existing financial report:

  1. To refresh and view an existing financial report, navigate to the Financial Statement Report Log, which is located on the General Ledger Homepage under the Financial Summary Header
  2. Using the viewable fields on the Financial Statement Report Log, locate the report that needs to be refreshed and viewed. Then, click the on the Report ID link. Note: The Report ID is a unique number given to each Financial Report generated in Veracross. Clicking on the FINS Report link will direct the user to the Financial Statement Spec. used for the report, not the viewable report.
  3. From inside the Financial Report, click on the Action Menu⚡ and select Generate Report Data.
  4. Once the process has completed successfully, click the green Update button.
  5. Use the following links to view the report:
    1. Preview: Gives a preview of the financial statement within the web browser.
    2. Download PDF: Brings you to the download page for the PDF version of the financial statement.
    3. Download XLSX: Brings you to the download page for an excel spreadsheet version of the financial statement.