Rolling the Portal and Reports Year Forward/Back

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In the transition period between schools years, there are many processes that a school must attend to in order to ensure that the old school year is properly closed and the new one it properly opened. One of those processes is switching the year of the portals and the reports year forward. For each portal a school has published, there are two sets of  Action Menu items that control this: Roll School Year Forward/Back and Roll Reports Year Forward/Back.

You can roll the school year and reports year forward (and backward, if needed) in each portal. 

Rolling the School Year Forward and Back

This Action menu item updates the school_year parameter. Rolling the portal year forward increments it by one year; rolling back decrements it.

Refresh the Screen

If you run this Action menu item on the Configuration tab, refresh the screen to see the result.

The procedure can be run as many times as needed. It can be easy to not realize that the school year has been rolled forward or back if the screen has not been refreshed.

Component Screens

The following is a list of component screens whose contents may change when the school year is rolled backward or forward.

  • Child List – Displays a list of students in the Parent portal of any children enrolled for the selected year. Learn more about the contents of the Child List here.
  • Student Class List – displays a list of classes in which the student is enrolled for the selected year.
  • Faculty Class List – displays a list of classes of which the faculty member is an instructor for the selected year.
  • Faculty Today’s Classes – displays a list of classes that meet on a given day. Read
  • Advisor Dashboard – updates the advisees listed.
  • Notification Link – Allows for grade filtering by parents. Additionally, this only affects former students through the end of their last year enrolled.

System Screens

The following is a list of system screen that will be updated when the school year is rolled backward or forward. Read more about System Screens here.

Student Portal

  • Student OverviewPlease note: the class list on this page is updated, however at this time no change occurs with the year for Report Cards or Progress Reports.
  • Daily Schedule – Includes the class schedule records and assignments listed. Read more here.
  • Recent Updates – Includes New or Due Assignments, Class Resources, Class Page/Posts, and Photo Gallery Updates.
  • Upcoming Assignments – Includes updating the class details column in as well as the class assignments listed.

Faculty Portal

  • Daily Schedule – Includes the class schedule records and assignments listed. Read more here.


Below are the calendars affected by this procedure. Read more about Calendars in the Portals here.

  • Calendar Subscriptions – Class Assignments for Students and Faculty, all Athletic Teams for Students, Parents, and Faculty.
  • School, Student, and Household Calendars – Includes all non-5 day rotation calendars.
  • School Calendar – Grading period begin/end dates and non-5 day rotation calendars.
  • Exam Calendar – Updates exams that are listed.

Additional Considerations: Tuition Management

For schools with VCPay tuition management, the boxes that allow parents to register for VCPay in the parent portal only display between one year before and one year after the school year value for the portal.

Rolling the Reports Year Forward and Back

Similar to the "Portal Year" configuration parameter, the student and parent portal also has a "Reports Year" parameter, allowing you, to the portal year, you can also roll the reports year forward and back. The purpose is to change the "year" that is reflected in report cards and progress reports. 

The "Reports Year" configuration parameter affects report cards and progress reports in the parent and student portal.

The mechanics of rolling forward and backward are identical to the portal year.

  • Find the reports year on the Configuration tab of the portal detail screen, just like the portal year. 
  • To roll the year forward, run the "Roll Reports Year Forward" Action menu item, then refresh the screen to see the update.
  • Run the "Roll Reports Year Back" to roll back. 
  • The procedure can be run as many times as needed without affecting anything else; it only affects the display. 
  • The course enrollment document, current class schedule, and the attendance detail documents are not affected by the "Reports Year" parameter.  They are tied to the active grading period in the active school year; update them by running the Start School Year procedure.