Rolling Directories Over to the New School Year

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The content of directories reflects the current academic year. There is not a separate process to roll them over to the next academic year, but this article details aspects of directories to keep in mind when switching school years.

Directories Reflect the Current Year

A lot happens in the Close School Year process having to do with person roles, grade levels, etc., that bear directly on directories with dynamic membership in Veracross. Directories are not affected by the “Roll School Year Forward” procedure. For example:

  • Grade levels change: grade levels are incremented by one (except for graduating students)
  • Roles change: graduating students become alumni, students who leave become former students, and their parents’ roles change to match

Keep the following in mind:

  • Most directories are populated dynamically (e.g., All Students or Students by Grade Level) and reflect information in the current academic year. Therefore, their content will be udpated when the “Close School Year” process is run and the year moves to the next one.
  • Manually populated directories are not affected by the school year.
  • Since class enrollments are updated for the new school year, directories that are dynamically populated by homeroom or advisory need to be re-created for the current school year.
  • Directory preferences are not removed automatically and cannot be removed manually. This has the advantage of retaining preferences for constituents who leave the school and return. Practically speaking, it also means that in searching for directory preferences, ones may be found for constituents who are not actually found in any current directory.