Resource Scheduling Overview

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The Veracross Resource Scheduling module can assist Veracross clients in tracking the spaces and property in and around the school that are used for events and class scheduling. This module is designed primarily in service of scheduling: so that, whenever a given room, van, or computer is in use, it is clearly communicated throughout Veracross. Some features of this module are: scheduling resources, conflict management, recording all the different resources at a school, categorization of resources in ways that make them easier to use, and reporting and management of resources and resource reservations.

Key Components


A resource is any property, space, or thing that is owned (or controlled) by the school that could be used in service of an event or class. Classrooms, conference rooms, gyms, athletic fields, computer labs, and school-owned vehicles are all very common examples of resources in Veracross. Resources have a number of configuration options which help to categorize and keep track of details about those resources.

Resource Type

Resource type is the basic tool used for categorizing or grouping resources. Every resource belongs to a resource type, and schools have partial control over this list. The resource types that are unchangeable are Classroom, Auditorium, Gym, Athletic Field, and Transportation, because these resource types have broader functionality throughout Veracross. For example, “Classrooms” display in the list of rooms when scheduling a class. Other than those few, the list of Resource Types can be customized for each school.

Note the options to allow multi-day and recurring reservations on the General tab, applicable only to Resource Reservations 2.0 in Portals.


Resource Reservations are the way resources are scheduled. Every time a resource is utilized, a Resource Reservation is created. This is the way that Veracross manages potential conflicts in scheduling, tracks utilization, and more.

Classes & Classrooms

Classes are almost always scheduled to meet in a specific room at a specific time. When a class is created, the staff member who creates the class record in Veracross often selects the room where the class will be meeting. The available list of rooms will be any “Classroom”-type resource. In combination with the class schedule (which indicates the meeting times), that classroom is “reserved” so that other reservations cannot be made during classroom meeting times. Reservations are created during a nightly script (Create_System_Resource_Reservations) and are only created if the class has students enrolled.

Classes might meet in different rooms depending on the day or meeting time. This can be maintained in Veracross by setting the room on each Class Schedule record.


Veracross group events have a wide variety of functions, configuration, and tools. With most group events, there is usually a need to schedule the resources (whether rooms or other equipment) that will be used. Often, only one “Primary resource” is needed for an event. This will be the room, or perhaps the athletic field that is needed for the event. With most events, this can be configured on the “General” tab of the event detail screen.

If multiple resources are required for an event, this can be configured on the Resources tab for the event. Whenever one or more resources are utilized for an event are created.

Integration with other modules

Teacher Portal

The Veracross Teacher Portal allows faculty the ability to reserve resources (or request a reservation) online. From the Resource Reservation homepage, the user can review all open reservations and use the Resource Reservation app (access by selecting the “+ New Reservation” button) to enter new reservations. For resources requiring approval, the approval status (pending, approved, or denied) will display in the right column next to the reservation details.

Learn more about the Resource Reservations from the Teacher Portal.