Resetting Failed Enrollment Deposit Payments

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On occasion, payments received through circumstances such as Online Re-Enrollment or Online Enrollment can fail for one reason or another. In these situations, these transactions should be reset so individuals are able to submit payments again. Below is a step-by-step guide for actions to take to resolve these failed payments so individuals can attempt to make a payment again.


The following steps should be taken to reset a failed payment:

  1. Navigate to the Checkout Receipt for the failed payment and then run the “Mark as Failed Payment” procedure from the Action Menu. Running this procedure does the following:
    1. Marks the Deposit checklist item as not complete.
    2. Resets the fee payment method on the Person Enrollment Record.  
    3. Marks the Person Enrollment Amount records as not paid.
    4. Removes the Receipts on any related Person Charge Items.
    5. Sets the Checkout Receipt follow-up status to not processed and the status to failed.
    6. Adds a record in the enrollment log that the payment was marked as failed and reset
  2. If your school uses Veracross Accounting: If there is an associated simple receipt to this failed payment, delete it.