Reporting on Remote Learning Participation

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A Student Assignment Submissions Since Last Week query.

Transitioning from in-person learning to a completely remote classroom all at once can be a difficult process. Reporting on participation in remote learning can be useful for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

  • gathering data and identifying trends at your school to determine what "works best" for the most people
  • gauging participation in the remote classroom by various members of the school community
  • identifying students, parents, faculty or staff who may need additional assistance transitioning to remote learning

We've included a list of queries below that you may find helpful when reporting on participation in remote learning. If you have any other queries that may be helpful, reach out to your account manager. Additionally, we've included a video of a case study with UNIS Hanoi on a similar topic.


Below are some reports that you may find useful in your workflows. Click the linked query name or type in the query ID in Axiom to view. 

Query NameQuery IDAdditional Notes
Assignments Created Since Last Week487421
  • a transaction (audit) log query of all assignments that have been inserted since the beginning of last week, grouped by input user
  • started from a standard Transaction Log query
Student Assignment Submissions Since Last Week487412
  • an assignment submission query for all assignments that have been submitted since the beginning of last week, grouped by class and student
Assignment Grades Edited Since Last Week487429
Parent/Student/Teacher Logins Since Last Week487435


Below is a video about a case study with UNIS Hanoi about how they tackled reporting on remote learning.