Removing Offsetting AR Items

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Occasionally, an AR invoice may end-up with one or more unpaid items, as well as one or more credit items; and the net of these items may sum to $0.00. If no additional items will ever be added to the invoice, and no additional payments will ever be received; then all of these items will remain “unpaid”. As such, they will forever appear on your detailed AR Aging report. To eliminate these transactions from the aging report, a function can be performed to offset the unpaid items with the amounts of the credit items; thereby eliminating their unpaid status.

The following conditions  must exist in order for this function to be successfully performed:

  1. There must be at least one unpaid item on the invoice
  2. The sum of the unpaid amounts for all unpaid items must exactly equal the sum of the credit items
  3. All of these items must be “posted”


  1. On the Accounts Receivable homepage, locate the targeted invoice by running a report or query with criteria that will cause the invoice to be included in the results.
  2. Click on the Invoice Number to open the detail display of the invoice.
  3. Review the individual items and confirm that the conditions noted above are satisfied.
  4. Click on the Action button and choose “Clear Offsetting Items”.
  5. After the operation has been performed,  refresh the display of the invoice and review the updated status of the items.

Please watch the video below demonstrating How to Remove Offsetting AR Items by clicking directly on the screen. You can make the video larger by clicking on the Full-screen button.