Registrant Payment and Enrollment Option Configuration


Schools can set up Payment Methods and Online Payment Configuration on the Program Registration Form. Program Registration Forms are located within the Program Registration Config query on the System homepage under Program Registration.

Payment Methods

The “Allowed Payment Method” is configured on the Registration Form under the Accounting section. Other Programs Registration supports four different payment methods per Registration Form:


  1. Online Payment Only: If a payment is required for other program classes, the registrant will be prompted to pay for those classes via Online Payment Checkout. This is the default payment method.
  2. Cash Payment Only: If a payment is required for other program classes and the school does not accept online payment, schools have the option to allow cash or check payments. The payments for classes would then be managed manually by the school.
  3. Online & Cash Payments: If a payment is required for other program classes and the school would like registrants to choose to pay online (using a credit card or ACH) or offline (cash or a check), they have the option to allow both online and cash payments. Registrants will be prompted to choose an option when they reach the checkout summary page.
  4. No Payment (Free): If program classes are free and no payment is required, schools can choose the no payment option. This will remove all references to amounts from the registration process. Please note: This will override any amounts that are set on a class and force the amount to be $0.

Unpaid Registration Fees Message

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-12-05-34-pmIf a family registers for a program that has a fee but has not yet paid, a message can display on the landing page for the family as a reminder. The default message says, “You have unpaid program registration fees. To guarantee enrollment you must pay these fees as soon as possible.” To change this message, click on the Messages tab of the Program Registration Config record. As seen in the screenshot, this tab contains a single memo field, which allows the default message to be overwritten. Enter the preferred message into the “Unpaid Registration Fees Message” field and update, and the new message will be displayed to families.

Online Payment Configuration Scenarios

Please note: Integrating online payments into the program registration process requires some extra time for configuration. Be sure to understand the timeline for integrating payments with other programs registration before undergoing payment configuration. Learn more about the implementation and launch timeline. Learn about the payment providers Veracross integrates with.

There are three potential scenarios for the “Online Payment Only” payment method option:

  1. The school has a gateway and has integrated payments with Veracross previously.
  2. The school has a gateway provider setup at their school, but has not yet integrated that gateway with Veracross.
  3. The school does not already have a gateway provider setup at their school.

Scenario 1

To configure online payment integration with other programs registration, schools should configure the following on the Program Registration Form in Axiom:

  • Currency – Enter the currency all fees and payments should be calculated in.
  • Accept ACH – Check if ACH bank transfers should be available as a form of payment.
  • Accept Credit Card – Check if credit cards should be available as a form of payment.

Once these fields are configured, the registration form will display the links to the Veracross Checkout pages. Please note: If neither Accept Credit Card or Accept ACH are set, payment integration is automatically disabled.

Scenario 2

If the school has a gateway payment provider setup but has not yet integrated with Veracross, a VC engineer will need to setup payment integration with Veracross. The school should allow 2 weeks for this integration to be complete. Learn more about the payment providers that Veracross currently integrates with. Once complete, configuration outlined in Scenario 1 can be completed.

Scenario 3

If the school needs to setup a gateway payment provider, the gateway should be setup before any configuration in Veracross is started. Once that is setup, schools may begin the Other Programs Registration configuration process for integrating payments, as outlined in Scenario 1 above.  Learn more about the payment providers that Veracross currently integrates with.

Accessing the Payment Page when Registering

Online Payment Only

If the Payment Method is “Online Payment Only” the registration form will allow registrants to launch the Veracross Checkout to make payments in two ways:


1. From the Confirmed Registration Page

Registrants can pay for their selected classes as soon as they submit their registration by clicking the “Pay Registration Fees” button on the Confirmed Registration page. Registrants will be directed to Veracross Checkout where they can then submit ACH or Credit Card payment depending upon the schools payment configuration.

2. From the Homepage

If the registrant does not make a payment immediately from the Confirmed Registration page, they can return to the homepage where they will see a payment link called “View Payment Summary”. When the registrant clicks on the link they will be able to see a summary of registration fees. They can then click on the Pay Balance button to be directed to Veracross Checkout where they can then submit ACH or Credit Card payment depending upon the schools payment configuration. Note: Payment is made on a per household basis.


Successful Payment

If the payment was successful the system will indicate this via a green status bar. Registrants can then print a receipt of the transaction.



Online & Cash Payments

If the Payment Method is “Online & Cash Payments” the registration forms will allow users to choose between making the payment online or making the payment in cash or check.

  • If the registrant selects online payment they will be directed to Veracross Checkout where they can then submit ACH or Credit Card payment depending upon the schools payment configuration.offfline
  • If the registrant selects cash/check payment they are directed to the Offline Payment Page where schools can add specific instructions on how to make the cash or check payment.

Cash Payment Only


If the Payment Method is “Cash Only Payments” the registration forms will direct registrants to the Offline Payment Page where schools can add specific instructions on how to make the cash or check payment.


No Payment (Free)

If the Payment Method is “No Payment (Free)” the registration forms will show registrants a Program and Fee Summary. Registrants can chose to enter their email address to receive an email receipt that will show the programs selected.

Manually Indicate Payment

On the “Registrations” tab of an Other Program record, fees can be recorded and posted manually. Indicate that the program fee was paid by selecting from the “Fee Paid” drop-down The four options are:

  • No
  • Paid in Full
  • Deposit Only
  • N/A

Checking “Posted” will lock the payment method to prevent updates. Uncheck (and click “Update”) to update the “Fee Paid” column. The “Notes” field can be used to record the payment method or other relevant information related to the fee or type of registration.

Schools Using VC Accounting or Student Billing

If the school uses Veracross Accounting or Student Billing, please contact your Veracross Accounting Account Manager to discuss the following configuration on the Program Registration Form:

1. Advanced Deposit?

2. Deposit Catalog Item

3. Charge Item Date

4. Advanced Accounting?

5. Accounting School Year