Refunding an AP Invoice with a Credit Unpaid Amount


  1. From the Cash Processing homepage, go to the Receipts section and click on the Add Cash Receipt link, to enter the receipt.
  2. Fill in the receipt information and be sure to select “Refund” as the Cash Receipt Category.
  3. Populate the Organization field with the vendor’s name, and once all the receipt information has been entered, click the “Add Cash Receipt Header” button.
  4. Enter in the Cash Receipt Item with the refund amount (positive amount) and the credit GL Account.
  5. Click Update.
  6. To link the Cash Receipt to the AP Invoice, open the Cash Receipt Item’s detail screen by clicking on the Box with the Arrow icon in the item grid.
  7. Once on the Cash Receipt Item’s detail screen, search for the credit AP Item.
  8. Select the appropriate AP item and click OK to link it to the Cash Receipt item.
  9. Once the AP Invoice Item field has been populated with the item number, click “Update”.
  10. Post the Cash Receipt and review the resulting Journal Entry.
  11. Locate the refunding AP Invoice and confirm that the Refund Amount is correct, also make sure the AP Invoice Unpaid Amount has been reduced by the amount of the refund.