Recording Purchase Order Receipts

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When actual goods or services are delivered by vendors, you can record the receipts by applying them to the appropriate purchase order (PO) items.  Entry of receipt information allows for comprehensive tracking of order fulfillment.  This fulfillment is important to the personnel who originally requested the purchases. In addition to tracking fulfillment, the entry of deliverables will aid the Accounts Payable personnel in determining whether or not invoices received from the vendor are legitimate.

Entering a PO Receiving Information

Navigate to the Purchase Order homepage and click “Undelivered PO Item Listing,” found in the “Other Reports” section. Select the desired PO by clicking on the PO Number, which brings up the PO detail screen. There are two options for marking receiving information on the PO:

  1. To mark individual items “received,” check the “Received?” box for the particular listed items in the bottom half of the screen.
  2. To mark all items for the PO as “received,” check the “Receipt Complete?” toggle in the PO header display. This will cause the system to automatically set the “Fully Received” flag for all PO items.

After making any changes, click the “Update”  button.