Data Management & Integrity

Understanding how data is managed and groomed in Veracross is fundamental to database management. Learn the methods used in Veracross here.


Axiom Record Overview
In order to track many discrete pieces of information within the system, Veracross organizes information into unique records.
Detail Screen Overview
Managing records within Veracross is one of the most fundamental Axiom tasks. This article will explain how to use Axiom for record management, such as adding, deleting, and updating records.
Adding Files to People in Batch
You can upload files in batch — using .zip files — to person, household, and organization records in Axiom. This article covers the step-by-step instructions.
Attaching Links to Person Records
Overview In addition to storing files on person records, Veracross is also able to store links on Candidate, Student, Staff, and Faculty person detail screens. This feature is useful to link to information stored outside of Veracross, e.g., to a sc...
Deleting Person Information (GDPR-Related)
Overview From both a philosophical and technical standpoint, Veracross encourages schools to keep data. The only person records that should be actually deleted are those with little data, few or no related records, and that represent people with on...
Deduping Categories
Overview The deduping category (or “dupe group category”) value that the system assigns to any potential duplicate households, people or organizations is helpful information both in identifying the likelihood of an actual duplicate reco...
Duplicate Record Management
Overview When two or more records exist for the same person, household, or organization, the records should be merged so that each person/household/organization is represented by a single record in Veracross. The system automatically creates &ldquo...
Managing Related Records in Axiom
Overview Records can be linked to other records within the system. For example, users can indicate relationships by linking person records on the Related People tab of a person record. Users can also link student records to class records to indicat...
Merge Duplicate Records
Please take great care when you are merging data : double-check the records, as they cannot be “un-merged” by Veracross. Contact your account manager if you believe you have accidentally merged records incorrectly. Overview...
Person ID Field
Overview In Veracross, each person is automatically assigned a person ID when their record is created. That unique identifying number remains theirs forever. It is not changed based on role, status, or any other aspect of the system. This is at th...
Processing Billing Information Updates Obtained Through the HPU Form
The workflow for updating Billing Information obtained through the HPU Form can be a bit unintuitive, but with the correct workflow outlined, it is easy to manage. To begin this process, navigate to the following query to look at all requests to upd...
Record Action Menus
Each record in the system is associated with a set of Action items, accessed via the icon in the Launchpad.
Transaction (Audit) Log
Veracross tracks user and system made changes to data including changes to people, households, organizations, applications, as well as all academic information (grades, enrollments, etc.). This can be helpful to track down when changes were made to data, what the changes were, and by whom they were made.
Going Remote with Veracross: A UNIS Hanoi Case Study
Overview Schools across the globe are moving to online learning while teachers and administrators work furiously to facilitate the transition. While this is new to many schools in the US, many schools located outside the US have been operating rem...
When I’m merging records, should I merge the Household or Person records first?
Duplicate records can occur for a variety of reasons in Veracross; that's why we recommend you regularly engage in grooming your school's data to mintain data integrity.
Why is this data integrity check still appearing, even after I cleared it?
If you believe that you've corrected an item that was appearing on one of your data integrity checks but it is still appearing, follow these steps:
How do I merge adult and child records?
When going through the data grooming process, occasionally, you will try to merge two records unsuccessfully because one is an "Adult" record and one is a "Child" record. If you are sure that these records should be merged, perform the following steps to merge these records:
How can I see a history of changes on a record?
The Audit Log is a helpful tool used to track changes and updates on an individual record. Throughlooking at the audit log, you can see what was changed, the date it was changed, and the user who made the change.
Why does the gender field keep updating overnight? How can I prevent this?
The nightly scripts attempt to fill in blank/None genders that it finds by going through the following checks
Why are some integrity checks not being identified during the nightly scripts?
By default only integrity checks with a Severity level of "Critical" are run in the nighty scripts. All other levels of integrity checks are not run but can be enabled by request. All other levels of integrity checks are only updated ...
Are the end dates on Department classification types managed manually or does the system update them automatically?
Department classification types are automatically populated with an end date (and the active flag turned off) whenever the type no longer applies to a person. This check happens during the nightly refresh of person classifications, so these end ...
If I don't merge records on the duplicate record queries, will they remain there forever?
If no merging duplicate record action has been taken on a Person or Household record within 45 days of being flagged, the system will automatically unflag the record as a duplicate. Organizations will be unflagged after 90 days. There is parameter ...
What does the "Inter-Household Donation Soft Credit without Soft Credit Type" integrity check indicate?
This integrity check will display records when the donation has a Household soft credit for a member who is not part of the same household as the donor. To clear the error: Update the soft credit type to "Other" or remove the soft credit...