Purchasing Card Process (Accounts Payable)


If Faculty and Staff members at your school have their own credit cards, you will need to record those transactions, either in the Veracross Accounts Payable or Purchase Order Module.  

We will refer to this process, with the common terminology of, "Purchasing Cards" or "P-Cards".  (Note that the same process can be applied for school/corporate cards depending on local policy.) 

You'll have a few options on how to record the payment of purchases made by P-Cards.  The option chosen will depend on the level of detail you wish to capture and if you desire the work to be centralized in the Business Office or pushed out to other Faculty and Staff members at your school.

Configure Vendors for P-Cards

While recording P-Card transactions, you'll need to select a vendor from your Vendor List.

There are three vendor configuration options that Veracross supports for P-Cards.  The one selected will depend on 1) the level of vendor detail you want to record and 2) how you want to record the payment for P-Card transactions.

A Single Vendor A Source VendorCombination of Single Vendor and Source Vendor
  • A Single Vendor would be the Credit Card Company.
  • It would capture all expenses on the P-Card for the credit card company's vendor.
  • A Source Vendor is the "actual" vendor a purchase was made with a P-Card.
  • A combination would capture all P-Card transactions on a single record, while also distinguishing the actual vendor that the purchase was made from.
  • Examples of Single Vendor Names: "P-Card", "Credit Card", "Visa".
  • Add a single AP Invoice or PO, for the Single Vendor. 
  • Add multiple line items to record various expenses on the P-Card.
  • If the P-Card had transactions for Amazon or Staples, they would exist as individual vendors in Veracross.
  • Add one AP Invoice or PO for each vendor that was paid with a P-Card.

  • Add a single AP Invoice or PO, for the Single Vendor.
  • Add multiple line items to record the various expenses on the P-Card.
  • Update the Source Vendor on each line item.
  • Add one AP Invoice with a Single Vendor.
  • Pay Single Vendor with a lump sum payment.
  • Record AP Invoices with the actual vendor that was paid during this purchase.
  • Record AP Invoices with the Single Vendor, in order to pay the "lump sum".
  • Record and track individual Vendor's that are being paid.
  • Multiple vendors may be paid on the P-Card, which would not be recorded individually in Veracross.
  • Each vendor would have an AP Invoice, which would result in multiple "payments" being posted.
  • Not a "lump sum" payment.
  • Additional step for user entering transaction
Level of Detail (LOD)Low LODHigh LOD Highest LOD
Majority of SchoolsMediumLowHighest

P-Card Process: Centralized vs Decentralized

There are two ways of distributing the work of actually recording P-Card transactions.

 P-Card transactions can be entered by Business Office members, in order to have a more centralized and controlled process.

Decentralizing the process, P-Card transactions can also be recorded outside of the Business Office, by Faculty and Staff members.  The Business Office would ultimately post this to the general ledger.

Centralized Process (Business Office)
Decentralized Process (Faculty/Staff)
  • Only the Business Office needs to understand what to do
  • Distributes the physical work to Faculty and Staff outside of the Business Office
  • Requires that the Business Office record all transactions
  • Requires that Faculty/Staff understand the process.
Without Purchase OrdersAP Invoice Import Processing
  • Copy the detailed transactions received from the credit card company into the Veracross AP Invoice Import template. 
  • You may select to use the Single Vendor, Source Vendor or the combination during this process.
  • Aside from importing, you may manually add an AP Invoice into Veracross as well.

Add an AP Invoice
  • Faculty/Staff members enter an AP Invoice with the Single Vendor and AP Invoice Items with the Source Vendor.
  • Optional process for Business Office to approve the AP Invoice before posting.

  • Use if Faculty/Staff members don't need approval for what they've already purchased.
  • Use so the Business Office does not need to manually enter expenses from P-Card
WITH Purchase Orders
Decentralized P-Card with PO
Faculty/Staff Process
  • ENTRY:  They would enter Requisitions with the Single Vendor.  On the line items, they reference the actual Source Vendor. 
  • RECEIPTS: Tape all receipts, in date order, to a piece of paper to scan and upload.  
  • APPROVAL:  The regular workflow approval will apply, even though this PO approval is for a purchase that has already taken place.  
Business Office Process
  • Create a single AP Invoice with the Single Vendor and reference each PO number.  Each PO item will be automatically moved to the AP Invoice with the Source Vendor.

Use if an approval process is required for P-Card purchases.