Purchase Order Processing

Purchase order processing? We've got you covered! Read our documentation to learn how here!


Purchase Order Processing Overview
Overview The purpose of this documentation is to provide both background and detailed processing instructions associated with the Purchase Order module incorporated into the Veracross Accounting System. It is designed to instruct you in how to perf...
Adding and Editing Vendors
Adding New Vendors To add a vendor, first navigate to the Purchase Order homepage, and then click “Add a Vendor.” This detail display contains tabs (e.g., General, Acct Status, and History/Misc) with each displaying different info...
Adding and Updating Purchase Requisitions/Orders
A request to purchase goods or services is initiated by creating a purchase requisition. A purchase requisition can be generated directly by staff and faculty members or strictly by accounting department users.
Completing and Reviewing Purchase Requisitions
Once all pertinent data is entered for a requisition, a user must set a flag to indicate that their requisition is “complete.” The completed requisition is then eligible to be reviewed by whomever has authorization to approve purchase requisitions; and if the requisition is approved, it will become a bona fide Purchase Order.
Manually Reducing Open Commitments on Purchase Orders
When the AP invoices are ultimately posted (and when those invoices have been linked to purchase orders), the open commitment amount on the purchase order will be automatically reduced when the AP invoices are posted.
Posting Purchase Orders
The process of “posting” a purchase order is vital to maintaining good financial integrity in your purchasing data. The act of “posting” a purchase order and its items will disable those transactions from numerous types of updates.
The Purchase Order Cycle
Overview This article details the purchase order cycle from start to finish. These stages are: entering a purchase requisition approving a requisition/creating a purchase order posting a purchase order printing a purchase order entering recei...
Printing Purchase Orders
One or more specially formatted template files exist to allow printing purchase order (PO) forms that are appropriate for delivery to your vendors. These formatted PO forms can be printed individually or in batch mode.
Recording Purchase Order Receipts
When actual goods or services are delivered by vendors, you can record the receipts by applying them to the appropriate purchase order (PO) items.
Running Transaction Summary Reports
Navigate to the Property Control homepage and click Unposted Depreciation (by Date) . Review the results and confirm the correct number of unposted transactions in the desired Accounting Period. Click on number in the “Record Count&r...