Prospect Management and Solicitation

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Establishing processes and workflows when managing prospects can be a huge boon to your advancement department. Learn how Veracross helps you with this.


Prospect Management Overview
A major part of any development office is to build and maintain relationships with people who have the potential capacity to give to the school. Veracross has a number of features that allow schools to manage their workflow to organize, categorize, and manage their past, present, and prospective donors.
Solicitation Group Overview
Solicitation groups can be setup to track the various groupings for how a school does their solicitation. This is helpful when soliciting the various groups of constituents like Trustees, New Parents, Parents by Grade Level, Alumni by Graduation Year, etc.
Configuring Solicitation Groups
In order to use Solicitation Groups within Veracross, there is some general setup that needs to be done. Each component of solicitation group setup is outlined below.
Do Not Solicit Field
On the Giving History record, a field for “Is Solicitable” can be used to track if the donor is solicitable for the given campaign. This field will default to be “Yes” (checked) for all but will be set to “No” (...
Donor Profile Document
The Donor Profile document provides development officers and administrators the ability to view and print an overview of a donor’s commonly-used development information.
Financial Aid Provided Field
The “Financial Aid Provided” field allows Development offices to see whether a family is receiving any form of financial aid. It provides only the type of assistance, not any details about amounts, etc.
Solicitor Portal (Legacy)
The Veracross Solicitor Portal allows school solicitors to log into Veracross to see information on specific constituents, update information, track progress on the campaign, and download resources.
Development Office Workflows During COVID-19
The current fundraising climate can cause challenges for both donors and development offices. Donors may need to modify their interactions with and commitments to your school for a time, while development offices may need to review and adapt their fundraising strategies to better align with current realities.
Solicitor Portal
The Veracross Solicitor Portal is an add-on feature for the Development 3 module that allows solicitors to view vital information related to their fundraising activities and constituents directly through their Portal. The information displayed is completely customizable using our Portals 3 framework and makes use of a unique component and system screen.
How do I add new development roles?
You may wish to add new development roles to the system to suit your school's specific needs. To add a new development role, perform the following steps.
How do I send separate pledge reminder emails to both the HOH and Spouse?
Unfortunately, because of the type of query used (where both the head of household (HOH) and spouse are listed on the same line) and because the system requires the person ID to link to the record the email is being sent to are sending the email t...
How do I send a thank you email for one donation to a donor with multiple donations on their record?
To send a thank you email for one donation to a donor with multiple donations on their record, begin from a Find Donations query, then perform the following steps: In the query results, select the donation record(s) for which the email will be c...
How do I change solicitation group membership (Dev 2.0)?
In Development 2.0, solicitation groups are tied to giving history records. There are two ways to change solicitation group membership: Individual memberships can be changed from a giving history record .  Click on the General tab In the...
How is the "Is Matching Org" status determined in development queries?
This flag is set to "Yes" if one or more gifts (donations or pledges) for the organization are coded with the status of "Is Matching Gift."
Where can I go to view any changes made to the Solicitation Group for a household?
The solicitation group is not added by the system but is updated manually from the Household Giving History record or via the Solicitation Group record itself. You can view the change history for the solicitation group by accessing the giving hist...
Can a constituent's Primary Development Role change over time?
Yes!  Keep in mind, a donor’s Primary Development Role is not a static role over time – it can change each year as the donor changes groups/constituencies (e.g. moves from being a Parent to a Parent of Alum). Because of this, ...
Where is a constituent's Primary Development Role recorded in Dev2?
For Development 2 users, the Primary Development Role is fundamentally recorded in two places: per Household and per Giving History . The Household value is “one per household” and allows Veracross Development users to know th...
Can a constituent have more than one development role?
Donors may have multiple development roles depending on who they are and the various relationships they may have with the school. For example, they may be a Board Member, Parent, and an Alum.  Which role is their Primary   developm...
On the Development Homepage what does the "Pending Tasks" report show?
The “Pending Tasks” report displays all tasks that are open (i.e. has the status “in-progress” or “pending”) with a manager designated. A task can be either an open individual event or a follow-up task assoc...
What are the donor cultivation stages?
Donor cultivation stages are distinctions made between what natural "stage" a relationship your school has with a particular donor throughout gift solicitation processes. They are: Identify Who exactly is the prospect? Qualify How...
When people get married, how do I manage their constituent, household, and person records?
When individuals with existing person and household records get married, there are two steps you need to take to manage how their records are affected: Update their person records to set the relationship between the individuals to Husband/Wif...