Prospect Checklist Item Configuration

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Application checklist items may be used to establish an order in which applicants complete the admissions process. Schools can either determine prospect related checklist items or mark certain checklist items to be required in order to be considered for review. In this way, a school defined order can be imposed on the applicant for how checklist items should be completed in the portal.

Prospect Checklist Items

When the pre-application is completed applicants can immediately begin the admissions process by creating their Admission Portal account. Depending on the preference of the school, certain checklist items may be necessary to complete in this early stage of admissions. Some of these early checklist items may include the student questionnaire, application photo, or application fee. To impose a logical order to how applicants complete the checklist items, schools can choose to make certain checklist items apply to prospects only. Marking checklist items as such means only those items will be available in the portal upon initial login.

If schools would like all checklist items visible regardless of the user’s role, check off the ‘Applies to Prospect’ checkbox for each item.

To create prospect specific checklist items:

  1. Open the “Admission Checklist” link located in the Admissions section on the System homepage.
  2. For each checklist item that should only apply to prospects, select the “Applies to Prospects” checkbox. If these items should also be required to complete, select the ‘Required’ checkbox.
  3. Update the list.

Once the student questionnaire is submitted, the prospect’s role will change to applicant and all remaining checklist items will appear in the portal. The Admissions Process is then followed as usual.

Required for Review Checklist Items

Checklist items can also help manage the review process for applications. Each school has their own definition of what they consider to be a “complete” application. To facilitate the review process and allow schools to establish their own definition of a complete application, checklist items can be marked as ‘Required to Review.’ This means that these checklist items must be completed by the applicant before the application will be reviewed by the school. The Admissions Office can then ensure they are only reviewing applications that include all important information to be considered for admission.

To create required for review checklist items:

  1. Open the ‘Admission Checklist’ link located in the Admissions section on the System homepage.
  2. For each checklist item that should be required for review, select the ‘Required for Review’ checkbox.
  3. Be sure each checklist item that is required for review is also marked ‘Required.’
  4. Update the list.

Application checklist items that are marked with both the ‘Required for Review’ and ‘Required’ flag will update the application status to ‘Not Ready for Review.’ The application status will remain ‘Not Ready for Review’ until all the ‘Required for Review’ checklist items have been completed by the applicant. Once these items are complete, the application status will switch to ‘Pending.’ When the Admissions Office is ready to process applications, they can view new completed applications using the ‘New Application’ report located under the Today section on the Admissions homepage.