Property Control: Attaching Files to a Fixed Asset Record

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Attaching Files to a Fixed Asset Record 

Within a Fixed Asset Record, Business Office users may want to upload electronic documents that pertain to the Fixed Asset such as Invoices, Warranties, Maintenance Records, Lease Agreements, Insurance Policies, etc.

To attach a file to a Fixed Asset Record:

  1. From within a Fixed Asset Record, navigate to the Files Tab
  2. Click the link in the Attach Files field.
  3. Browse your computer or drop the file(s) directly into the dotted box. Then, choose the correct File Type from the drop down menu in the bottom right corner. 
  4. Click the green Upload Files button to upload the files to the Fixed Asset record. Once the action is complete, the files will now appear on the Files Tab of the Fixed Asset Record.

To learn more about File Types and Security review this documentation.