Project Accounting

Explore the concepts surrounding project accounting and learn about how it operates in Veracross.


Project Accounting Overview
The articles in the Project Accounting category provide background and detailed processing instructions associated with the Project Accounting module in the Veracross Accounting System. They include instructions for day-to-day processing of project-tasks, and referencing project-task numbers on transactions such as AP Invoices, Cash Receipts, etc.
Adding a Project Type
Overview Project types are used to categorize the various projects in the Project Accounting module.  Examples might include Fund Raising Events, Athletic Teams, Facilities Maintenance and others.  Rather than create a predefined list of ...
Assigning a Project Manager
Each project has a field designated for assigning an overall Project Manager who is deemed responsible for the execution and successful completion of the task/event. By default, the person assigned to that role is granted permission to view all reports for the project.
Entering/Editing a Project-task Master
Adding a New Project-Task To add a new Project-task, navigate to the Project Accounting homepage and click Add a Project-task . In the new detail screen, enter as much information as desired (only the Project-task name is required), and click ...
Entering Project-task Numbers on Other Transactions
Overview The project-task field is available on transactions in other areas of Veracross, making it easy to reflect the project-task number as transactions are added to the system. This article shows where to find them. On a Manual Journal Entry ...
Project Reports
Detailed transaction reports are available on each project and can be accessed from one of the many “Report” buttons on a project. Report buttons included are: Receipts AP Items Misc Transactions Misc Disbursements Journal Entrie...
Project-task Activity
Summaries of a project’s activity can be reviewed by accessing the Contract/Totals tab of each Project-task Master. Cumulative, Period and Budget Summaries are available. This article provides descriptions of the summary fields.