Program Registration FAQ

On the Program Registration configuration record "Allowed Roles" field; what should I do if I want any and all Roles to be able to register for the program?

Through Program Registration in Veracross, you can limit the types of individuals by person role using the "Allowed Roles" field on the program registration config record. To include only certain roles, populate this field with the Person Role ID value for each person role you want included, seperated by a semi-colon (you can find these values in the ID column of a standard Person Roles query).

The Allowed Roles field on the general tab of the Program Registration Config record for DiscoveryWeek. Note that it has values populated, limited those who can register for this to those with person roles indicated in this field.

To open program registration up to everyone, clear the Allowed Roles field so that is blank and click Update.

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How can I enable advanced accounting on the program registration config record?

Run the "Create Advanced Accounting Override" procedure from the action menu of the Program registration config record. 

Afterwards, navigate to the GL Defaults query located on the System Homepage in your Accounting database. The name of the GL Defaults should begin with the access name of the Program registration config record. 

There should be two GL Defaults, one for Cash and one for Credit. Program Registration Simple Receipts will come in as "Misc Cash Receipts" and will Debit the Cash Account and Credit that Revenue Account. 

Is it possible to copy a registration season back one year?

Yes it is, but the feature is not self-service. The Action menu item to copy a registration season only copies it forward by one year, so if you need it copied back a year, please submit a ticket in our support portal. 

If we use deposits on our program registration forms, does the paid registrations enrollment strategy still work?

A deposit does not count as a paid registration because there is still a balance to be paid. So, if you are using the paid registrations enrollment strategy, those individuals will not be automatically enrolled in the class. They will remain on the Registrations tab of the Class Record until you manually flip their status to 'Enrolled' on the Registrations Tab of the Class Record.  This will not be automatic. 

Can we use deposits on our Program Registration forms?

Yes, a Veracross engineer can configure your program registration forms to use deposits if you only require a certain percentage of the class fee at the time of sign up.

We want our classes/teams/programs to display on the browsing and registration pages in a certain order. What options do we have?

There are three options to control the order in which your Program Classes appear when browsing and registering:

  • Alphabetically - This is the default display. If nothing is specifically configured to affect the display order, program classes appear in alphabetical order.
  • By Course Sort Key - Navigate to the Program Courses tab of the Program Registration Config record to have Program Classes appear within their corresponding Courses. Entering a value in the Catalog Title field appears as a header with that course’s classes listed beneath it.
  • Custom - It is possible to have Veracross configure a custom display order for your Program Classes. To pursue this option, please submit a ticket to the client support portal and your account manager will facilitate this configuration.

A parent was charged an incorrect amount for their current year program registration. Why did this happen?

It is likely because the 'paid' prior year program registration amounts impacted the current year program registration amount billed, and that happened because the Registration Open date on the program registration, reflects the prior year (old) date.

To remedy this, your need to put in place the practice of updating the Program Registration Config > Registration Opens to accurately reflect the current year registration open date for the program.  Adopting this practice at your school will help to avoid this scenario from happening again.The system uses the following logic to create Program Registration Checkout Receipt > Checkout Receipt Items:

  • The start date of the given Program Registration Config
  • The charge date on the Person Charge Item (PCI), which is created from the given Program for students who are legal-custody children of the logged-in payor

PCI charge dates are set from the following logic: if not specified as "Charge Item Date" on the Program Config, the PCI charge date is set as the Program Class's start date.

Can I control how many people register for a program class?

Yes you can! To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Program registration detail screen via the Program Registration Config link on the System homepage.
  2. On the General tab of a Program Registration configuration detail screen you can designate a 'Max program'.
    • This flag controls the maximum number of program classes the registrant can be enrolled in at one time.
    • If doing a phased approach, you might set this to 2 so that every registrant will only be able to register for two classes.
    • This helps to ensure that all registrants have an equal opportunity to select their desired classes.
    • Schools can set this to 0 to remove the class limit.

I can’t find the Min/Max Grade Level fields on my program classes. Did I configure them wrong?

The course type that a class is associated with determines what record detail it has. If you find that the class/team/activity record is missing certain fields, you can try running the Find Program Classes query from the Other Programs homepage and accessing the course record through those query results.

This default query includes specific fields necessary for configuring program classes, such as:

  • Program Registration Availability Method
  • Program Enrollment Strategy
  • Minimum Grade Level
  • Maximum Grade Level
  • Max Students
  • Fee.

Can I hide the schedule from appearing during the registration process for Other Programs?

If a schedule record is associated with the Other Programs class, there is currently not a way to hide the schedule during the registration process.

Can we have additional information about each class/team/activity display during the registration process?

The Catalog Description field is located on the Description tab of the course record.

Additional information about a program can be entered in the Catalog Description field on the course record. Access this record beginning from the System homepage and then completing the following steps:

  1. Click on the Course List query.
    • feel free to refine this query to narrow down the query results to be more in line with what you're looking for
  2. Click on the Course record that corresponds to the class/team/activity.
  3. The Catalog Description field is located on the Description tab.

This information is automatically displayed when/if people access the Browse URL. However, this field is automatically collapsed once an individual begins the registration process. To get this information to appear again, registrants need to click on the “i” icon.

It is not possible at this time to get this text to automatically appear during the registration process.

Browse URL: Catalog Description displayed.

Registration process: Click on the “i” to see additional information.

We use one Program Registration config for students and their parents. Can we set it up so that some options are available for just the students and other options are available for just parents?

The Minimum and Maximum Grade Level fields are available on the Registration Config tab on a program class record.

Program Classes have a Minimum and Maximum Grade Level field on them. This allows you to filter classes to only apply to certain grade levels. However, if a person has no grade level associated with them (like a parent), all classes offered within the Program Registration form are available.

If you need to differentiate between which classes parents can register for, we recommend using two different Program Registration configurations. You can read more about configuring Program Registration courses and classes in documentation here.

How do we setup a waitlist for other program registration forms?

To have a functioning waitlist, there are two places that you will need to set values:

  • Program Registration Config: On the General tab, left column, Availability header, set the Allow Wait List value to "yes". There are also values for "Display Seats Available" and "Display Wait List Length" that can make it easier for families to choose the best option during registration.
  • Program Class Record: In the Configuration folder, Registration Config tab, set the values for "Availability Method" and "Max Students".

How do we ensure that only people who have paid are enrolled in program classes?

On the program class record, the Registration Config tab has field called Enrollment Strategy with three possible values:

  1. All Registrations - allows both paid and unpaid registrations to secure class enrollment
  2. Paid Registrations - only allows paid registrations to secure class enrollment
  3. Do Not Auto Enroll - requires an admin to approve the registration in Axiom to create the class enrollment

How do we set up a discount code for use on an Other Program registration form?

There are two steps required to have a functioning discount code for program registration:

  1. +Add Catalog Item: From the System homepage, go to the +Add menu in the upper right corner and select "Add Catalog Item". Configure the discount as desired, being sure to set the Rate 1 value as a negative value and check the box for "Is Payable Online". Pay close attention to the abbreviation value, as you'll need to distribute that value to familes for use on the form.
  2. Program Registration Configuration: At the bottom of the center column on the Other Programs homepage, click on the Program Registration Config link and select the config record you're setting up the discount code for. On the general tab > far right column > Discounts header > set the Max Discounts value. To allow families to apply a single discount count, set the value to 1.

Are the "Jersey Size" dropdown options on Program Registration forms configurable?

No, these are hardcoded and cannot be adjusted.

What does the Accounting School Year field indicate on a Program Registration Config record?

The Accounting School Year field of a program registration config record is the school year designation that will end up on the resulting charge items in Accounting (VCA). If this field is left as “Auto” then the system defaults to creating the charge items for the school year that is shown on the most recent school year of the class that is related to the program registration.

If the Program Registration is for a summer course, and the Accounting School Year is “Auto”, the system creates the charge items with the school year designation of the following school year.

For example: if the course is for Summer of 2021, the resulting charge items in VCA will then show the school year of 21-22.