Profile Codes vs. Person Classifications

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Schools are able to tag people within the system with profile codes and/or person classifications.

  • Profile Code: a tag for an individual, groups of people, organization or donation/pledge with a yes/no attribute.
  • Person Classification: a tag for an individual or a group of people with an attribute that requires a begin/end date, school year or notes.

Profile Codes

Profile codes are a way to tag individuals, groups of people, organizations or donation/pledges with a yes/no attribute.  They act as flags to help mark records that have a certain characteristics and make it easier to run reports to find records that have (or have not) been marked with a specific code. For example, schools may want to tag students with a profile code if they do not have permission to use the student’s photo on their school website.

Profile codes are static, which means they are not designed to track data historically; they can only tell you which records currently have an attribute, not which records had an attribute at a previous date.

Because profile codes are static, it also means these tags need to be manually added and updated on records. For example, if a student rides the bus home one year, but carpools the next, the profile code “Rides the Bus Home” would need to be manually removed from the student’s record when that change occurs.

Profile Code Categories

Profile Code Categories are used to organize profile codes and assign them certain functionality within the system.

To Add a Profile Code Category:

  1. Hover over the  button on the System homepage and select Profile Code Categories.
  2. Use the description field to label the profile code category.
  3. Select what type of record this category should apply to using the Type drop-down menu.
    • Applies to People Only
    • Applies Organizations Only
    • Applies to People & Organizations
    • Applies to Pledges & Donations
    • Applies to Pledges Only
    • Applies to Donations Only
  4. If profile codes within this category should only be visible to the Admissions, Development or Accounting office, check the corresponding checkbox.
  5. After all the information is added, click Add Profile Code Category.

Adding New Profile Codes

  1. Hover over the  button on the System homepage and select Profile Codes.
  2. Select a profile code category from the drop-down menu.
  3. Use the description field to label the profile code.
  4. Enter any notes.
  5. Select the Include In Roles checkbox if you would like this profile code to be listed as a role in the “All Roles” field in a person query.
  6. After all the information is added, click Add Profile Code.

Adding Profile Codes to Records

  1. Open the record on which the profile code will be added.
  2. Navigate to the Profile tab.
  3. The available profile code categories are listed on the left. Expand the profile code category folder to reveal the individual profile codes.
  4. Select the profile code to add to the right column.
  5. Click .

Adding Profile Codes in Batch

Click here to learn how to add profile codes to multiple people in batch.

Person Classifications

Person classifications are similar to profile codes in that they are used to tag individuals with attributes.  Each classification, however, can include additional information, such as begin/end dates (used to indicate the date range the classification applies), school years (used to indicate the school year the classification applies) and notes. Classifications allow schools to track historical data for a person within the system.

Person classifications can be used to run specific reports, such as all alumni who played basketball in a given year, students who made the honor roll last year, students who received the “Athletic Award” this school year or people in the system who had the “parent” role during a given school year.

Schools are able to manually add person classifications to person records. In addition, the system will generate person classifications based on information entered about the person in the database. Examples of system generated person classifications include: person roles, faculty types and school level. These classifications are pre-populated on the person record and cannot be deleted.

To learn more about person classifications, how to add new classifications and how to add the classifications to person records click here.

If an individual’s Person Classification is based on a Profile Code, and that Profile Code is removed from the individual, the Person Classification End Date will automatically populate with the date the Profile Code was removed.

Adding Person Classifications in Batch

Click here to learn how to add person classifications to multiple people in batch.

Refreshing Classifications

Note: When a new person classification is added to a record or when a person classification has been removed, schools may need to run the procedure to “Refresh Person Classifications” (located on the Action menu drop-down on the System homepage) so that reports will reflect the updated information. Otherwise person classifications are refreshed during the overnight process.

Development Classifications

Please click here to learn about development classifications.