Processing Positive Pay and ACH Files

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If your school pays vendors via ACH or if your bank requires a Positive Pay file to confirm checks that are written, the ability to generate these files according to your bank's specifications would have been created and tested during implementation.

The following is to guide you in the generation of these files once configured. For initial configuration, or for any questions or issues, work with your Veracross representative. 

Generating a Positive Pay File (a Veracross "Bank Security File")

After you have completed the regular process to print and post vendor checks, go to the Action Menu and run the Create Check File procedure.  This will generate a Positive Pay File which can be found under the Bank Security File tab.  Copy this file and submit to your bank either via a text file named according to your bank's specifications or as otherwise directed by your bank.  (Please note that there is one Positive Pay File per check batch.  For security reasons, it is not possible to create one Positive Pay for multiple check batches.) 

Generating an ACH File

To generate an ACH  file in Veracross, run the Print/Post AP Payments Action as you would normally when printing checks.  Go through this printing process, but choose Disbursement Type = EFT/ACH. 

After you run the Prepare Checks action, the system will populate a First Reference Number so a check number is not used. 

As you are not  "printing checks", you can skip that step and proceed to the Post/Cancel tab to Post these AP Payments

Once these payments are posted, run the Create ACH Files procedure from the Action Menu.  This  creates an ACH File under the ACH File detail category on this screen (see the "ACH File Contents" field behind the "Action" menu in the screenshot below). Follow these workflow steps: 

  1. Open the Action menu (under the Lightning Bolt menu button) and run "Create ACH Files" (see screenshot below)
  2. Once the action menu has been run, refresh the page to see the ACH File Contents (text). It is a string of numbers and text in a format that your Bank expects. 
  3. Copy this file to a plaintext editor (such as Microsoft Windows "Notepad" or other similar plaintext editor), 
  4. Submit this file to your bank either via a text file named according to your bank's specifications or as otherwise directed by your bank.