Processing Billing Information Updates Obtained Through the HPU Form

The workflow for updating Billing Information obtained through the HPU Form can be a bit unintuitive, but with the correct workflow outlined, it is easy to manage. To begin this process, navigate to the following query to look at all requests to update billing information:


Once there, complete the following steps to process pending billing information changes:

  1. Look at the Billing Directions column. Each request that is entered in the HPU populates into the Billing Directions field with steps that you should take to process the change. It will typically say the name followed by (Person) or (Organization).
  2. Take the name detailed in the Billing Directions field and copy it to either the Billing Organization or Billing Person field, depending on the directions.
  3. After ensuring the information is correct in the Organization/Person fields, update the Billing Direction Status to “Processed” directly from the query. After this has been completed, it will be visible in the Student Billing module.