Process for Managing Divorce

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When a couple divorces and one spouse moves to a new address, the spouse who moves out needs to be moved to a new household and relationship/custody records need to be adjusted accordingly.

Database Processing

Put the Moving Spouse Into a New Household

  1. Run a Find People query and click on the full name to navigate to the detail screen of the spouse who is moving to a new household.
  2. Click the Action menu  and click Create New Household For Person. Confirm when prompted.

Update the Person Record for the Person Moving Out

  1. On the General tab:
    • Update Marital Status to "Separated" or "Divorced" and remove the spouse's name in the field below. The corresponding status will appear on the former spouse's marital status.
    • Delete the home phone if it is now incorrect. The correct one will propagate from the new household.
    • Click Update  to confirm all changes.
  2. On the Related People tab:
    • Update the relationship field to "ex-husband/wife" as appropriate. The reciprocal relationship will appear on the former spouse's relationship record.
    • Review the flags (Resident, Legal Custody, Parent Portal Access, etc.) for children and update as needed.
    • Click Update  to confirm all changes.

Update the Household Record for the Person Moving Out

  1. Navigate to the new household to update information associated with the household.
    • Click the View Record button  next to the household a the top of the Related People tab to navigate to the household.
    • Update the home phone and address field as needed
    • Click Update  to confirm all changes.

Other Changes

Directory Changes

When a new household is created, directory preferences are set to "N/A," but are updated in the nightly scripts based on member role. Read more about default directory preferences.

Development: Gift Management

In cases where the divorced couple made gifts to the school, the system will automatically handle hard credit for gifts. However, it is advisable to review soft credits, since any soft credits with the Household Soft Credit Type will not be included in giving history totals and reports. In order for them to count, changing the Soft Credit Type to "Other" will include them in the totals once again.

Development 3: Constituent Records

The system updates the constituent record to remove the divorced spouse from the existing constituent record and creates a new one for them.