Printing & Posting Vendor Checks

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When invoice payments have been scheduled and verified, checks may be printed. Veracross allows for multiple attempts at printing a batch of checks, however, there may be only one active check batch at a time. Post the checks after they have been successfully printed.

When the checks are posted:

  1. Journal entries are made
  2. Tentative amounts scheduled are zeroed on the invoice items
  3. The amount paid is updated on the invoice items
  4. The checks are entered in the disbursements table

As with any posting process in Veracross, verify all information prior to posting.

Printing/Posting Vendor Checks

To print/post vendor checks, navigate to the Accounts Payable homepage and click Print/Post AP Payments. Enter the appropriate printing criteria.

Check date, Disbursement Type and the Cash GL Account are required. Optionally add a Scheduling Batch, First Check Number, or First Ref Number.

Check Date: This field serves at the date of the check or disbursement (such as electronic payments like ACH, Wire Transfer, and Bank Draft). This date will also be used as the posting date when the disbursements are posted.

Disbursement Type: This field is used to specify HOW the money is being disbursed to the vendor. Based on this option, the system will determine if the First Reference Number or First Check Number field should be used.

Cash GL Account: This field is used to specify the Cash GL Account that the disbursements are being paid out of.

  1. First Check Number or First Reference Number will automatically populate based on the last check number or reference number used in the system, but can be manually overwritten if needed BEFORE the Prepare Checks? flag has been set to YES. 
  2. First Check Number will ONLY be used when the disbursement type of "Check" has been selected. If a non-check disbursement type is selected, the First Check Number field will zero out when the Prepare Checks? flag is set to YES.
  3. First Reference Number will be used for ALL Disbursement Types EXCEPT the disbursement type of "Check". If the disbursement type of "Check" is selected, the First Reference Number field will zero out when the Prepare Checks? flag is set to YES.

If no batch was used or none is specified here, checks will be printed for all invoices with scheduled payments. Click Add Print/Post AP Payments  when done. The green Add… button will become an Update button.

Click Prepare Checks? when all AP Payment information has been double checked. Before toggling this option to “Yes,” optionally change/update any information before creating the check(s). Click Update .

Navigate to the Print Results tab to verify the information. View the checks by clicking “Click Here” next to “View Checks.”

Click the Action menu , and select Mark Checks Ready to Print. To view the checks without watermarks, click the same “Click Here” to view the checks.


Make sure that the checks are loaded into the printer. Process only one batch at a time. The checks must be posted before the next set can be printed. It is highly recommended that posting be done as soon as possible.

Navigate to the Post/Cancel tab. Enter the disposition code. 

  • If there are no problems and you are ready to post, select Post Checks, and the Disposition Date will automatically update.
  • If the checks were not printed on check stock and you can reuse the numbers, select Undo Checks.
  • If the checks were printed and you need to insert them as voided checks in the register, select Void Checks.

After Printing

When the checks are printed and the amounts have been verified, post them. When the checks are posted:

  1. The tentative payment information and schedule payment number is cleared from the invoice header and items.
  2. The amount paid and discount taken are incremented on the invoice headers and items.
  3. Journal entries are created.
  4. The disbursement header and items are created.

These records make up the check register. One item is created for each AP invoice item being paid. Veracross allows only one batch of checks to print at a time. This means that once a check batch is created (after clicking Add Print/Post AP Payments ) another batch may not be created until the current batch has a disposition code.

Re-opening the Print/Post AP Payments Detail Screen

This may be necessary if you don’t have the detail for printing checks on your screen. For example, you may have printed a batch of checks but had to leave the detail screen before you were able to enter the disposition code.

Option A:

  1. Click AP Check Posting/Printing Log.
  2. Click the check batch number, which brings up the Print/Post AP Payments detail screen.

Option B:

  1. Select the saved query for Scheduled Payments Report. Add the check batch number to the displayed fields.
  2. Run the query. Find one of the scheduled invoices included in the check batch.
  3. Click the check batch number. This brings up the Print/Post AP Payments detail screen.