Printing Name-Tags from a Query

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Name tags can be printed out of a query in Axiom as long as the query contains the Photo field. The following example illustrates the process of printing name tags while starting from a group record.


  • Starting from the Group Record, click on the Name-Tags tab.
  • Open the query in a seperate window by clicking on the pop-out  button.
  • Click into the query design and pull in the Photo field.
  • Click over to the Query tab and select Cards the query visualization.
  • In the right column, choose between "Photo Card (left)" and "Photo Card (right)" in the Card Format drop-down.
  • Select the "PERSON: Photo" option in the Card Fields drop-down.
  • Click back to the Fields tab and select which fields should be displayed by unchecking fields that should be hidden.
  • Click Run Query.
  • Click the Action Menu and select the Print Cards procedure.
  • Ensure everything is configured properly in the Print Cards menu then click the Print # Cards button.