Printing in Axiom

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Printing query results or records in Axiom is available from the Action menu option, under the “Print to PDF” section.

There are three contexts in which printing may occur:

  1. Printing query result grid.
  2. Printing individual record detail screens or documents with one or more Detail Categories (or tabs).
  3. Batch Printing record detail screens or documents from query results with one or more Detail Categories.

Two download options are available:

  • Download PDF, which combines all record details or documents into one PDF.
  • Download ZIP, which downloads individual PDFs for each row within the query (e.g., an individual Candidate profile detail record PDF for each person within a “Find Candidates” query).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be used for quick access to individual and batch printing screens.

  • ctrl+p (cmd+p on Mac) for results grids and record printing and the shortcut
  • ctrl+shift+p (cmd+shift+p on Mac) for batch printing records from query results

Grid Printing

All results from one query can be printed using the Print Results Grid printing option. Users have the option to shade alternate rows for easy viewing and specify page options such as page size, orientation, page numbers, and print date.

Column Header Groups, Subtotal Headers (including multiple levels), Subtotal Aggregates, and Overall Total Aggregates are supported. It is also possible to toggle “Page Break for Subtotal Headers.” Checking this option during printing will start a new page for every subtotal grouping.

Individual Record Printing

Individual record detail screens can be printed by selecting the “Print Record Detail” option under the “Print to PDF” section of the Action menu. Select which Detail Categories should be included in the printed PDF and specify page option settings.

Batch Printing

When batch printing documents or record details from a query, users can choose to either print all results from one query or select exactly which records should be included for printing using the checkboxes in the first column in the results.

Batch Print Documents

From a query result or individual record, document(s) associated with the query run can be batched printed. Choose the applicable ID option from the Record ID field dropdown and select the desired document. Document options include: attendance detail report, schedule, behavior detail report, gradebook, staff directory, teacher conference schedule, enrollment contract, candidate profile, and emergency profile. All documents for each result (each row) within the query will be printed.

Note: For batch printing document, the ID field is the only relevant field needed in the query to perform the function. Other fields, including the URL field, are not required and have no bearing on what will be printed.

Batch Print Record Detail

From a query result, the individual record detail screens may be batch printed for each result within the query. Select which Detail Categories should be included on the printed PDF and specify page option settings such as page size, orientation, page numbers, and print date. Please note that although each record type within the query will be printed, the data from the first record in the results will be used to pick the Detail Categories that will be shown on the record detail PDF. This is important to note when running queries with results that include mixed record types such as lower or upper school student records. Not all Detail Categories are available for every record type. Therefore, it is possible to select a Detail Category that is not on the actual record. For those records, the selected Detail Category will be skipped.