Preventing Unwanted Emails

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Veracross has a variety of ways to manage who receives email communications from the school. Oftentimes, a parent will desire to opt out of receiving email communications, or will only want to receive emergency notifications, or perhaps even receive emails from only certain departments. Schools can configure Veracross to determine what communications options parents can set.

This article highlights the ways this can be accomplished.

Ways to Prevent Emails

  • Adding a Death Date makes it so this person will never receive email communication from the school through distribution lists.
  • Clearing the Email 1 Field makes it so this person will not receive communication from the school through distribution lists. To store the email for reference, move it to the Email 2 field, which is never used for communications.
  • Updating Preferred Communication Method to “Paper Mail” removes the individual from group-based email distribution lists. However, “email parents of student” and other constructed distribution lists will still email the parent, regardless of how this preference is set. For people with “None Specified”, reports/groups treat this as a “do not mail” setting: they will not be included in Paper Mail or email lists. Use an explicit setting if known:

    “Paper Mail” = Do Not Email

    “Email” = Do Not send paper mail

    “Both” = Send both email and paper mail

  • Channel Blocking in Composer removes people from receiving email in blocked channels. Schools can configure which channels constituents can block themselves from, and schools can manually block people from channels (for instance, if a parent calls and asks to be removed). Read more about managing communications channels here.