Preparing and Printing Miscellaneous Checks

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Occasionally, situations develop that warrant printing checks for disbursements unrelated to accounts payable invoices.  In these instances, users can enter disbursement transactions directly into the system and immediately print a check.


  1. On the Cash Processing homepage, click on the Add Disbursement link.
  2. Enter the disbursement header information (check #, date, type, etc.).  Click Add Disbursement Header.
  3. Enter disbursement item(s) to record amount(s) and GL Account(s).
  4. When all items have been entered, navigate to the Other tab and click View Check Click Here.  A PDF version of your check will download with a Preview watermark.
  5. When ready to print the check to your check stock, on the Disbursement’s Other tab, change the Print Code to Print Check and click Update.  Click View Check Click Here again.  A PDF version of your check will download.
  6. Print the Check.
  7. When the check printing is complete, navigate to the Action button and choose Post Disbursement.  This operation will enter the check into the Check Register and will generate a journal entry to record the transaction with today’s date.
  8. To post a disbursement with a different date, navigate to the Cash Processing homepage and choose the Post Disbursement link.