Posting/Locking Grades to Transcripts

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It is important to post and lock numeric grades using the "Post/Lock Numeric Grades" procedure before posting grades to transcripts. To learn more about this procedure, please review this article.


To post grades to transcripts, select “Post/Lock Transcript Grades…” from the Action menu on the school-level homepage. A detail screen will open called “New Post/Lock Transcript Grades” with several options to define the specific procedure to be run and for whom.

Remember to verify the “Posted Grade Decimal Places” system parameter to make sure your grades are posted using the correct number of decimal places.


Only one filter can be selected per posting/locking action.

  • School Level. Post/Lock all grades for all students in the selected school level.
  • Grade Level. Post/Lock all grades for all students in the selected grade level.
  • Class. Post/Lock all grades for all students in the selected class.
  • Teacher. Post/Lock all grades for all students the teacher teaches.
  • Student. Post/Lock all grades for all classes the student is enrolled in.

Limit Classes

An optional setting that can be used, in addition to one of the primary filters, to indicate that only certain classes that end in a particular grading period be posted. For example, this option would allow a school to post “Semester 1” grades for Q1-only classes at the end of Q1 or posting S1-only classes to Final grades at the end of S1.


Each of the below options must have a criteria chosen.

Grading Period

Select the Grading Period for which grades should be posted or locked. Be sure to select the appropriate grading period for the filter chosen.


Select the action that should be taken to post, un-post, lock, or unlock transcript grades:

  • Post Blank Grades: Post current calculated grades as Posted Grades where the Posted Grade is blank. Any grades that have already been posted will be ignored, e.g., if teachers have already manually posted grades, this procedure will skip over those, even if they are not locked.
  • Clear and Re-Post all unlocked grades: Post all calculated grades as Posted Grades. If grades are posted but not locked, grades will be re-posted.
    Note: Running this procedure removes grades if there is no calculated grade.
  • Lock Only: Lock posted grades to prevent any further changes to grades. Un-posted grades will be ignored. Note: Locking grades will prevent teachers from making changes to their gradebook for this grading period and will prevent all users from updating grades.
  • Unlock: Unlock posted grades that have been locked to allow changes to be made.
  • Un-post: Clear all unlocked posted grades. Locked grades will be ignored.


  • Complete. Checkbox to indicate if the posting or locking process is complete. This will automatically check when a new action is performed. Once the status is Complete, the action cannot be changed or undone.
  • Records Affected. Displays the number of grade records that have been impacted by this action. To see more detail on the affected records, view the “Posting/Locking Status” tab on the detail screen and drill down into the grade level/grading period you wish to see details for.
  • Action Date. The date this posting or locked occurred.
  • Action User. The user who posted/locked grades.

Recent Posting/Locking Actions

The recent posting/locking actions query is to help the user understand what procedures have been completed recently. The query displays the key components to the recently completed posting or locking procedures so the user can identify what needs to be done next.