Posting Invoices

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When invoices are posted, the journal entries are created that debit the expense accounts and credit Accounts Payable (AP). The invoices are also locked against certain types of updates. Invoices must be posted before they can be scheduled for payment.

As with any information you post in Veracross, verify all of the information. For example, prior to posting invoices, run the Unposted AP Item Report on the Accounts Payable homepage to verify that the data entered matches the source documents. When posting invoices, check that the number of invoices and the dollar amounts match with those in the journal entries.

Posting Invoices

To post vendor invoices, navigate to the Accounts Payable homepage and click Post AP Invoices. Enter the appropriate criteria and click Add Post AP Invoices .

Finally, click the Results tab to ensure that the posted information is correct.


You can run several queries to make sure that the invoice posting was successful. You will at least want to run the report AP Invoice Journal, found on the Accounts Payable homepage, to query journal entry item listings.

For example, if you posted a batch of invoices for January and used a posting date of January 31, then specify January 31 as the date for the invoice journal report. The totals of this report should match the total from the invoice report that was run prior to posting. This confirms that the sum of the invoices is equal to the sum of the journal entries made for those invoices.

You can also run an AP Invoice Header Listing query on the Accounts Payable homepage. Enter posting date criteria and compare it to the results of the Unposted AP Item Report generated prior to the posting process.