Posting AR Invoices

Step 6 of the AR Invoice Cycle

  1. On the Accounts Receivable homepage, click on the Unposted Invoice Items Report under the Reports section.
  2. Click on Post AR Invoices under the Processing Section.
  3. Enter a Posting Date.  This is the date that will be assigned to the Journal Entry resulting from this posting operation.
  4. Enter a Begin and End Item Date.  The system will only select AR items within this date range, and will post them all to the Posting Date specified.
  5. Click Add Post AR Invoices.
  6. Click on the “Results” tab to confirm the Amount Posted.  In addition, you should note that the Journal Entry created as a result of this process is presented on the display.  Click directly on the JE Ref # to drill-into the journal entry itself.  Review the Journal Entry items and the associated GL Detail for completeness and accuracy.

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