Portals FAQ

How can I post phonetic spelling of students' names in the teacher portal?

It can be helpful to include pronunciations for students' names in a place where teachers can easily reference them. An easy way to accomplish this is by adding the pronunciation as a general alert on each student so that, when a teacher hovers ther mouse over the icon next to the student's name, the pronunciation displays.

Rebecca, in this situation, is pronounced like "Ruh-beck-ah". This is exposed by hovering over the general alert icon to the left of the student's name.

To insert a pronunciation in a General Alert field, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the student's person record in Axiom and click on the Energency tab in the General section.
  2. Enter how to pronounce the student's name in the General Alert field in the Medical Notes section.
    • if you are also storing other information in this field, you may want to ro prepend the proununciation with "Sounds like:" or "Pronunced:".
  3. Click Update.

Certain security role combinations may prevent this alert from appearing; because of this, we strongly advise you review documentation about general alerts here.

How do we display phone numbers in the faculty directory?

The Portal Admin homepage contains a directories section with records for each directory type. Making changes to the configuration and preferences tabs allows you to make systemwide changes to directory displays, while the Preferences tab section allows you to make person or household specific changes.

The Directories section of the Portal Admin homepage. Each link takes you to the directory type record for that particular directory.

Example: How do I show business phones on faculty directories?

  1.  Start from the Portal Admin homepage and click on the "Faculty & Staff Directory Type" link in the Directories section.
  2.  In the directory record, click the Configuration tab in the All tab section.
  3.  In the "Business Phone Display Status" row of the "Faculty/Staff Fields" subtotal header, adjust the numerical value of the "Value" column. The "Value" column can contain one of three options:
    • 0 — hides the field
    • 1 — shows the field when data is present
    • 2 — always shows the field
      • this displays a "--" when there is no value

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How can I share student IDs with parents through the parent portal?

Sometimes, a parent will need to quickly reference what their child's student ID number is; this information can be found in the parent portal.

Mouse over the child's picture in the "My Children" section of the parent portal to see a tooltip that displays what that child's student ID is.

A parent can hover over their child's photo in the My Children section of the Parent Portal in order to view their child's student ID.

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What is maximum file size that can be uploaded to a class website?

You can upload various files to your class website to add to class content visible through it and expand on the resource library available to parents and students through the website.

The resource library available on the class website for an "Acting 101" class. Each of these files must be smaller than 25 MB.

The maximum file size for each of these files is 100MB and may be any file type.

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How can parents see their giving history from previous years?

For a variety of reasons, donors may wish to see a history of giving they have provided the school. If a donor has reached out to the school seeking this information, the easiest way to provide it is through a Annual Giving Summary document.

An example of an Annual Giving Summary document. Information about configuring this document can be found in documentation here

To generate this document, perform the following steps:

  1. Begin from any Find Household, Find Person, or Find Organization query, provided that the household, person, or organization ID is present in the results.
  2. Narrow the query to those you would like to notify of their past giving or select just the constituents for whom you would like to generate the document.
  3.  Click the Action menu and select Batch Print Documents.
    •  For the Select Record ID Field, select either Household ID, Person ID, or the Organization ID as applicable.
  4.  Select the Annual Giving Summary option to generate a PDF of this document.

From here, you can print it out and mail it, attach the PDF to an email, or whatever best suits your specific workflows.

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Does Veracross have a way to share a book list with parents and students?

Veracross has a default document that shows each textbook listed on the Textbook tab of the course a student is enrolled in. These documents can be shared on the Parent and Student portals via a portal link. The portal links allow schools to enable/disable the display of the documents. The document needs to be enabled by an engineer. Submit a ticket to our support portal if you would like to have this document enabled.

Why are classes not displaying in the portals?

There are a number of reasons classes may not be displaying in the portal properly. Before submitting a ticket through Veracross Support, be sure to check that the following things are true:

If everything is configured correctly, today's classes should appear when looking at your portal.

  • On the Grade Levels query, check that 'Enable Portal Schedules' is set to YES
  • On the Review Class Configuration query, check that 'Parent Portal Visibility' and 'Student Portal Visibility' fields are set to SHOW
  • On Portal Admin > Configuration tab, check that the 'school_year' is set to the current school year. If it is not, run the 'Roll School Year Forward' procedure from the action menu.
  • Ensure that the 'Scheduling Reference Date' parameter is:
    • within the grading period
    • not set to a weekend day, a 'no school' day, or a day with an alternate block schedule
  • Check the 'Active Grading Period' parameter

If you've done all of the above, please submit a ticket through Veracross Support for further assistance.

How can a grandparent get access to the parent portal?

In some situations, a grandparent may need access to the same information and permissions in the Parent Portal that a parent would have. There are a few steps to take to ensure that grandparents have parent portal access. 

While they do not need to have custody, the role of 'parent' must be added in order to create the grandparent's user account. The 'parent' role should be removed once the account is created.

In order to grant portal access, perform the following steps:

  1. Flag Parent Portal Access on the relationship record of grandparent to student.
    • This can be easily accessed on the student's Related People tab on their person record  
  2. Add the security role of Parent to the grandparent.
    • Add this through the grandparent's Security Admin detail, which can be accessed through the Identity & Access Management homepage.  
  3. Ensure that the grandparent is a member of the parent portal.
    • On the portal record for the Parent Portal, this can be checked on the Enabled tab or added on the Manually Added tab.

Why isn't a policy form appearing in the parent portal?

You can display student policies in the parent portal, letting them view and update their responses. To enable a particular policy to be viewable in the parent Portal:

  1. Set the "Display in Parent Portal" field to "Yes" on the policy.
    • Find school policies via the "Policy Library" link on the Online Enrollment or System homepage. 
  2. Be sure that the policy form's approval status is set to "Approved and Ready for Use."
  3. On the policy form, run the "Refresh this Policy Form" Action menu item if you made any updates. 
  4. Ensure that school policies are enabled in the parent portal.
    • Portal Admin homepage > Parent Portal > Configuration tab
    • Set the School Policies option to "true" and click "Update."

How do users edit their home phone number in the HPU?

The Household Profile Update (HPU) allows people to update any of their personal information through their portal. You can read more about the Household Profile Update in documentation here. Editing the home phone number through the HPU is information stored on the "Family Information" category header and the "Change Primary Home Phone" card, which is distinct from the "My Personal Contact Information" card. To add this option to the HPU, perform the following steps:

  1. On the System homepage, click on the Configure HPU Forms link.
  2. Add the "Change Primary Home Phone Card" category card.
  3. Click into the card and check off the *Enabled* box.

How many emails are displayed in the parent portal?

The "My Messages" feature of the parent portal displays up to the last 20 messages from the past 90 days.

What does the orange dot on the Grades and Comments tab mean?

In the Comments section on the Grades and Comments tab in the teacher portal LMS, the orange dot displays when the grading period is 'active' and it is a minor grading period. It will not display for mid-grading periods.

In the Grade Review section, a 'grading period' marked as *Grade Review Active*, will be orange-flagged in the portal. If there is not a grading period flagged as *Review Active*, the system will look at the 'active grading period' and orange-flag that one.

If neither *Review Active* or the Active Grading Period are flagged, there will be no orange flag.

How do I display the Course Request document in the parent or student portal?

Displaying the Course Request document in the parent or student portal are different processes, depending on which portal this document should be added to. To learn more about configuring your portals, please read documentation here. To add course request documents to either the parent or student portal, perform the following steps:

Adding the Course Request document to the Student Portal.

Before beginning, submit a ticket to Veracross Support to request that the portal link for the course request document be added to the Portal Links query on the System homepage.

Parent Portal

  1. On the System homepage, click on the Portal Link query,  and set the Status of the Course Request document link to *enabled*.
  2. In the parent portal, the link to the document displays on the Links tab under My Children List.

Student Portal

  1. On the System homepage, click on the Portal Link query,  and set the Status of the Course Request document link to *enabled*.
  2. Add the Portal Links personal component through the Student Portal record, accessible through Portal Admin page.
  3. Publish the page.

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Why can't students see their class grades on the portal homepage?

If grades are not displaying in the student portal (as shown below), there are two places in Axiom that you can adjust the 'Student Portal Assignment Display' field. In order for grades to display in the portal, this field must be set to either *Assignments+Status+Scores* or *Assignments+Status+Scores+Grade Detail* (if you want to give access to the Grade Detail report).

You can adjust this field on the Permissions tab on the individual class. The dropdown for 'Student Portal Assignment Display' is located at the top of the page.

You can also adjust this field on the 'Review Class Configuration' query which can be found on the System homepage. This is especially useful if you want to batch update the 'Student Portal Assignment Display' field.

How do I add colors and images to portals?

You, as a school, are able to customize your portals in a variety of ways to both convey information that you are trying to share as well as visually match your school's branding. On the General tab of a portal record, accessible from the “Portal Admin” homepage, the “Design” section allows you to choose a banner image as well as update the navigation bar and background colors.

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Can students submit audio/video files for assignments in the LMS?

Yes, they can, with a size limit of 25 MB. The audio/video file would have to be created before submission, and selected to be uploaded by the student.

You can read more about this in documentation:

Can I disable certain classes from parent teacher conferences?

While specific classes cannot have this flag disabled for parent teacher conferences, you can go into a course record and set it so that the 'Include in Parent Teacher Conference' flag is set to "No" (this flag can be found on the General tab of any course record). If, for any reason, a parent is still seeing an offer to have a PTC with a specific teacher, it may be that the teacher teaches a course their child is taking that has the flag set to "Yes."

How can alum/former students continue to pay tuition after the school year is closed?

You can use the billing portal for any non-parent to pay invoices. Learn more about the billing portal

Can I remove the outcome section of the Behavior Event form on the Faculty Portal?

Yes! Veracross can turn off the Outcome section on the Behavior Event form so that staff/faculty won’t be able to determine the behavior's outcome from the Faculty Portal. If your school wishes to remove the outcome section, please submit a ticket through Veracross Support so we can process this request.

Please note that teachers with the security roles of Faculty_1, Faculty_2, or Faculty_3 can still edit all Behavior and Comments records in Axiom for the students that they teach. Users with the role of Behavior_Admin have read-write access to all Behavior/Comment data within Axiom.

How can we manage families choosing the display status of their information on the directories in the portal?

Normally, families can choose whether or not to display information in the portal directory by navigating to the “Directories Preferences” page in their portal.

However, if you would like to limit these visibility options, you can easily change these from “update-able” to “read-only”. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Portal Admin homepage. The “Directories” section in the lower-right displays different directory types.
  2. Click into the directory types that you'd like to limit parent permissions on.
  3. Click on the “Preferences” tab.
  4. Adjust the “Portals Status” of items such as “phone display setting” to either be:
    •  “true" (updatable) lets families choose whether or not this is displayed
    • “false" (read only) does not allow them to choose if that field is displayed

How do you get the class' schedule to show in the pop-up message when you hover over the class name in the faculty portal?

In order to see the class' schedule when you hover over the class' name in the All Classes section, the class status has to be set to 'future' or — if the class is set to 'active' — the grading period for which it is scheduled must be set as 'active'.

The schedule is shows when hovering over the Algebra class in the "All Classes" section.

 You can update the active grading period from the Active Grading Period system parameter on the System homepage.

How can we post links in the faculty/staff directory?

You can add links in the Faculty/Staff directory by adding these to the Biography field on the HR tab of their person record. Simply copying and pasting the link to this field displays the link, but it will not be clickable. If you desire it to be clickable, you can utilize HTML in the biography field to define the hyperlink. You can use the following format:

<a href="url">link text</a>

Add your link where it says “url”, but keep the quotations. Additionally, where it says “link text” this is what displays for users to click on, such as “Click here”.

For example to get to Veracross’s website, you could put:

<a href="https://www.veracross.com/">Click Here!</a>

How can we link an event registration form to a component screen on the portal?

You can add any link to a button, icon link, or notification link component in a portal, and adding a link to an online event registration form is no different. To do this:

  1. Copy the URL of the event form.
  2. Paste it into the URL field of a button, icon, or notification link on the component screen

Please note these individuals will not automatically be logged into the event registration forms; they will be prompted to log in.  

Is there a list of portal component icons so we can see what our options are?

Yes! Here is the list of available icons to use in the Portals:  http://veracross.github.io/nucleo-icons/glyph/

How do we update the way classes are sorted on the "Student Overview" section of the Parent and Student portals?

Classes are sorted in the following order:

  • Status (active, future, past) then, 
  • Type (academics, etc.) then, 
  • Subject Sort Key then, 
  • Course Sort Key

You can update both the subject and course sort keys to get classes to display in the order that you desire. These can be updated by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the System homepage and choose Subject List and Course List from the “Configuration Section.”
  2. Set the sort keys for both of these, which changes the order they are displayed on the portals.
  3. As always, make sure to test the order of classes in the portal to make sure they are appearing as desired.

How can I give access to invoices on the Parent portal to a non-resident parent?

If a Non-Resident Parent needs access to their child's invoices via the Parent Portal, turn on the Receives Invoices flag on the Related People Tab on a Person Record. This flag is reserved for situations where the family shares an Invoice.  Custody alone will not prompt these to display for them automatically, their permission needs to be granted. 

Please note that a Resident parent does not need the 'Receives Invoices' flag designated because since they are a resident parent their access is automatic.

How do I set the default portal platform to Version 3 for certain security roles?

While most users use the Portals 3 platform, and it is highly recommended that you do, some may opt to use the Portals 2 platform.

The Default Portal Platform field on the Security Role detail screens sets the default portal version for everyone with this security role.

The default portal platform is set per security role on the Security Role record, which is accessible through the Security Roles query on the System homepage. The Default Portal Platform field allows you to choose between versions 2 and 3 of portals.

You can find additional information about Portals in Learn Veracross.

Can a Teacher who is also the parent of a student make Parent/Teacher Reservations without creating a conflict with their student’s parents attempting to reserve time slots for the same time?

Nothing prevents a parent from making a reservation for a time slot for a parent/teacher conference with a teacher who is attempting to attend a conference for themself at the same time. You could manage this manually:

  1. Determine what time slots they will be unavailable because they will be meeting with their child’s teacher.
  2. Remove those time slots from their available reservation times for their teacher role.

If we have portal users in different time zones, will the portal display their local time?

All times in the portal (class start, events, PTC, etc) display in the time zone in which the school's database lives, as defined by the Time Zone System Parameter. Localized display of times on the portal is not currently supported. To ensure that your Time Zone system parameter is set properly, perform the following steps:

  1. On the System homepage, click into the "System Parameters" query.
  2. Click into the "Time Zone" parameter and ensure that the right value is populated in the Public Value box. 

When future parents transition to parents, do they lose access to the future parent portal?

The Remove or Disable Members with Strategy Mismatch procedures are located on the portal admin detail screen.

No, the Veracross system does not automatically remove members/users from portals. As a part of the Start School Year procedure that is run annually, Future Parents become Parents and are automatically added to the Parent Portal in the following overnight scripts, but are not get automatically removed from the Future Parent/Family Portal

Portal membership should be maintained by either running the Disable or Remove Members with Strategy Mismatch procedure from the action menu of the Portal Admin detail screen. For more information on Portal Membership Management, please see this documentation.

NOTE: This information is only relevant for Schools who have a Future Parent or Future Family Portal, where these future Parents already have Veracross user accounts. For information on creating new user accounts for parents, please see this documentation.

Can a portal be configured for both Future Parents and Future Students to use?

Occasionally, schools may want to convert an existing future parent portal to combine future parents and future students in a "Transition" type portal intended for everyone transitioning into attending their school. In order to do this, please reach out to your account manager to set this up for you. 

Note: if you are interested in adding Future Students to an existing Future Parent portal, then there are many components and system links that won't work for Future Students because it is a version of a Parent portal and those pages are configured to only work for parents.

Are users automatically logged out of portals?

Users are automatically logged out from their portals after seven days of inactivity.

Can I add a logo and background image to our portals login pages?

Yes, you can! Login pages can be configured with a logo and background image on the Branding Configuration record. This record can be found on the System homepage under User Accounts.

Why is the system allowing parents to sign up for parent teacher conferences that have conflicting schedules?

While the system will not stop a parent from signing up for multiple conferences that are scheduled for the same time, it draws attention to it by outlining the conflicts in red. Additionally, conflicts with scheduled conferences for other children in the household are also outlined in red.

This is done intentionally to allow for different different Parent Teacher Conference workflows.

How can I add directories by grade level or other categories?

To add directory categories, navigate to the Categories tab in the Directory record via the Portal Admin homepage.

  1. Click 'Add Record...' and enter the name you want to designate for the Category.
    •  For example: Students by Grade Level.
  2. Click into the Category you just added and use the 'Add Records...' button to add each directory within the category. 
    • For example, add Students in Grade 1, Students in Grade 2, etc.
  3. Click into each directory you just added and, on the Portals tab, designate the Portals in which the directory should display.
  4. On the Criteria tab, add the criteria for directory membership.
    •  For example, 'include' the Grade Level Category by clicking into the Criteria Value and select from the query list.

What determines the order in which classes display in the portal?

By default, the order of class display in the portal as well as academic documents is determined by the sort key on the Subject. The Subject List query is located under Academics on the System homepage. 

If you are looking to update the logic that dictates the order in which classes appear on academic documents, please submit a ticket through the client support portal.

Can we show historic report cards on the portal?

Yes — you can enable a portal screen yourself! Here is a VC Update guiding you through the process of including a portal screen for historical academic documents on both Parent and Student portals:

How do I give a staff member access to edit portals?

There are two steps to give users the necessary permissions to edit portals.

  1. From the Find User Accounts query on the System homepage, add the 'Portals_ADMIN' security role to the user's record.
  2. Navigate to the Portal Admin homepage and then click on the admin page record of the portal for which the user should have editing permission and add the user to the Admins tab.

Where can I find a list of icons available for use on navigation links in the portal?

This is a link to a site containing icons that can be used in the portal on the Navigation tab of any portal admin record:  https://veracross.github.io/nucleo-icons/glyph/

How can I configure directories to allow printing to a pdf in the portals?

To allow directory printing from portals, you can toggle the 'Directory Printing?' field on the General Directory record to "Yes". 

There is also a query called Directory Printing that is available on the Portal Admin homepage (under Directories) in which you can batch update the Directory Printing field from the query results.

What is the character limit for student-specific comments in the portal?

The 'Comments' field on a grade record has an extremely long character limit; specifically, around 536,000,000 characters! You can see this field in our demo database in Axiom and in the Faculty Portal below.

Why are my parents unable to view their invoices on the Portals?

If parents are unable to view invoices on their portal, it is likely because they do not have the "Receives Invoices" checkbox checked on on the Related People tab of their person record for each of their children that they are expecting to see invoices for. Make sure that the 'Receive Invoices' checkboxes are selected on the 'Related People' tab of the parent for each of the applicable children.

What security roles can access the Administrator Mobile Directory App?

The Administrator Mobile Directory App is intended to make contact information for school constituents quickly available to you from your mobile device. The app was designed with administrative users in mind, and as such the default security requires you to have one of the following security roles to access the app:

  • SysAdmin_1/2
  • Division_Head_0/1/2/3
  • Head_of_School
  • Development_1
  • Guidance_1
  • Registrar

If you would like additional security roles to have access, please submit a support ticket through our support portal and your school’s configuration can be adjusted.

For more information, please see our documentation on the Administrator Mobile Directory App.

How can I batch update directory preferences for the Faculty & Staff Directory?

To batch update directory preferences for the Faculty and Staff directory, perform the following steps:

  1. Because directory preferences live on their household records, navigate to the 'Find Household Directory Preference' query in the first column on the System homepage.
  2. Pull the 'Role' field into your query design and filter by is one of: 'faculty' and 'staff'.
  3. Run the query.
  4. Click on the Action menu and select Batch Update Records and update the directory preferences you'd like.

Where is the Meeting URL and what does it look like?

For schools using the 'Publish a Virtual Meeting URL' functionality, once configured on a class record, the Virtual Meeting URL can appear (if you choose) on either or both of the student and faculty daily schedule feature of their portals.

To make this information visible, create a button on the portal with the respective portal shortcut links:

  • faculty portal — {system:faculty_daily_schedule}
  • student portal — {system:daily_schedule}

How do I make Zoom links visible for both Students and Parents via the Faculty Directory?

The information that displays on the Faculty Directory is controlled by the 'Preference' settings on the respective Directory Type record. Currently, there is no preference option for Zoom links.

A potential alternative is to insert a Zoom URL into the Teacher/Faculty members' Email_2 field on their person record if it's not being used. As long as the 'Email_2 field for this person is set to 'Allow Display' on the directory preferences, then their Email_2 value displays on the directories which users can click.

Can we publish transcripts to portals the same way we can publish report cards?

Transcripts cannot be published to the Portals in this way —this publishing workflow is limited to report cards and progress reports only.

To learn more about the publishing process for report cards and progress reports, we recommend you read our documentation on the topic in Learn Veracross.

How do I enable an HPU form to allow edits to existing contacts?

In addition to configuring the forms themselves, the Allow Immediate Family Update field on the General tab of the HPU form detail record must also be configured by our engineering team.

The options for these are:

  • No: Users are unable to edit the contact information — including pickup authorizations — for any person who lives in their own household.
  • Yes: Users have unrestricted ability to edit household contact information through Portals. (Not recommended.)
  • Inherit from Relationship: Editing access is allowed based on the type of the relationship. This is determined by the Display on HPU column of the Relationships configuration query.

Schools can turn off HPU updating for household members so that they never have to worry about user error resulting in unacceptable states, such as a student having no emergency contact data.

If you would like to change the configuration of a form, please submit a support ticket through the client support portal. In the ticket, include:

  • a link to the HPU configuration record
  • indicate which setting you would like the form to be set to

What do parents see in the portal when they submit a Household Profile Update?

When a parent submits an update to the household profile that requires school approval, the card that was updated says "Pending" on it until a school has made a decision about the change.

  • If the change is approved, the updated data displays and the "Pending" text disappears
  • If the change is rejected, the data returns to its original form and the "Pending" text disappears