Invoices in the Parent Portal

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Invoices can be viewed and paid directly in the Parent Portal. Configure it as needed to simply display invoices, display and allow for online payment, or display and allow for online payment with auto-pay. This article covers the configuration and display of Portal Invoices 2.0.

Configuring Portal Invoices

Add the portal shortcut link {system:invoices} to a button, link, or menu item in the Parent Portal.

Note the shortcut link is different than the v1 {system:billing} link.

Display in the Parent Portal

Sections on the Billing Account Page

At the top of the screen are two sections:

  • A message that can be customized with the Household_Invoices_Header text template. Access all text templates with the “Text Templates” link on the System homepage. Note: This text template will only appear on Portals 2.0
  • Total Payment Due along with a button to make a payment. The Total Payment Due sums the individuals payments due on the individual active invoices.

Make a Payment

To make a payment, click Make a payment… The “Make a Payment” screen lists each individual invoice and offers the ability to pay each in whole or in part.

  • Invoice: Click the invoice number to view the PDF, which can be downloaded
  • Invoice Total: The total amount due
  • Payment Pending: Any pending amount that has been paid but not yet cleared
  • Payment Due: Populated according to the billing arrangement with the family
  • Payment Amount: This field is pre-populated with any payment due, but can be overridden by typing in an amount. If the amount entered plus the payments pending is greater than the total of the invoice, a message is displayed noting the disparity (seen screenshot), though the payment will still be allowed.

When the amounts of each invoice to pay are set, click Pay Now to enter the current checkout process.

Active Invoices

In the center of the screen are all active invoices. Invoices are displayed when:

  • the logged-in user’s household matches the household on the invoice OR
  • the logged-in user is related to a student with an invoice and the “Receives Invoice” flag is set to “yes” on the relationship

There are several columns:

  • View: View or download the PDF of the invoice
  • Type: Indicates the type of invoice as configured by the school during VCA implementation
  • Invoice: Includes the invoice number, school year, and (optionally) the student name if invoices are generated for each student (as opposed to household)
  • Invoice Total: Full amount to be eventually paid
  • Payments Received: Payments that have been received and processed by the business office
  • Payments Pending: Payments that have been made but not yet processed
  • Payment Due: Amount expected in next payment, taking payment plans and the like into account based on the unpaid amount as of the AR statement date (set by the school)

Archived Invoices

An invoice is automatically archived when it has been paid in full.