Portal Configuration Options

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Each portal has a number of configuration options available on the Configuration tab of the Portal detail screen. Most are listed in groups, the first of which enables the option in general, followed by particular configuration choices. Note that with a couple exceptions, enabling options does not turn them on automatically in any given portal, rather it simply enables the links to work if added.

Some options are read-only and are grayed out, visible for reference purposes.

Individual Options

General (All Portals)

Personal CalendarenabledEnables the “Personal Calendar” link in the top right corner of all pages.
Personal Calendardata.assignmentsShows or hides a student’s assignments in the calendar.

Parents and Students

Recent UpdatesenabledEnables the Recent Updates tab for each child. The following options show or hide certain kinds of information from the feed.
Recent Updatesdata.assignmentsShows or hides a student’s assignments.
Recent Updatesdata.daily_attendanceShows or hides a student’s master attendance.
Recent Updatesdata.class_attendanceShows or hides a student’s individual class attendance.
Recent Updatesdata.behaviorShows or hides a student’s behaviors.
Recent Updatesdata.student_commentShows or hides a student’s comments.
Daily ScheduleenabledEnables the Daily Student Schedule system screen. The following four options show or hide various types of information on the schedule.
Daily Scheduledata.transportationShows or hides a student’s transportation.
Daily Scheduledata.daily_attendanceShows or hides a student’s master attendance.
Daily Scheduledata.class_attendanceShows or hides a student’s individual class attendance.
Daily Scheduledata.assignmentsShows or hides a student’s assignments.
Assignment PlannerenabledEnables the Assignment Planner.

Parents Only

My Children MenuenabledEnables the “My Children” menu, which can then be added to a portal. The following four options pertain to this menu.
My Children Menuclasses_and_reportsShows or hides a link to children’s classes and reports.
My Children Menudaily_scheduleShows or hides a link to children’s Daily Schedule screens.
My Children Menurecent_updatesShows or hides a link to recent updates
My Children Menuassignment_plannerShows or hides a link to children’s assignments.
Household Profilehousehold_profile.enabledEnables the HPU.
Household Profileschool_policies.enabledEnables School Policies.
Household Profilemedical_profile.enabledEnables Medical Profile.
Household Profiledirectory_preferences.enabledEnables Directory Preferences tab on Household Profile.
Household InvoicesenabledEnables link to household invoices.
Household InvoicespaymentEnables link to payments.
Parent Teacher ConferencesenabledEnables link to Parent Teacher Conferences.
Logistics RequestsenabledEnables link to Logistic Requests.