Portal Planning and Management

Learn about the options for planning, configuring, and managing your school's portals.


Portal Admin Homepage and Detail Screens Overview
Styling and layout options are controlled by Portal Admins, ensuring that each portal is consistent with school branding. Changes to admins, navigation, screens, and portal styling are covered in this article.
Additional Portal Screen Examples
The Portals 2017 platform allows virtually any kind of content to be integrated alongside of school-related data. This article highlights several examples.
Mobile Portal
The Mobile Portal module provides an alternative workflow for schools who want simple, mobile-optimized functionality for parents, teachers or students.
Personal Messages in Portals
Personal Messages provide a single place to view emails sent to a user via both distribution lists and Composer, as well as posts that teachers have made in class websites.
Portal Configuration Options
Each portal has a number of configuration options available on the Configuration tab of the Portal detail screen.
Portal Link Configuration
Portal Links provide schools the ability to add links to the parent, student, and faculty portal. These links can be anything from external websites to internal reports. Portal Links enable schools to decide when, where, and with whom links are shared.
Portal Membership
Membership can be managed on the Members tab of the Portal detail screen and viewed on the Portal Membership tab of the Person Account detail screen. Users are automatically added to the three role-specific portals (Parent, Student, Teacher) based on their security role.
Portal Membership Management
This article covers how portal membership is determined and managed and includes some tips and workflows for smoothly doing so through the school year.
Portal Planning with a Sitemap
A sitemap is the overall plan of a website, organizing information on a website according to main categories. This is essentially what a Veracross Portal is.
Portal Shortcut Links
This article outlines the various links you can add to your portals. They can be added to buttons or as hyperlinks. These only work in portals. Read about merge fields in emails.
Portals 3.0 Launch
Creating new portals using the Portals 3.0 platform for parents, teachers, students, and other constituencies is an exciting, but potentially daunting prospect for schools.
Screen Builder
The Screen Builder is a configuration tool for designing and styling how content is delivered to relevant constituents within Portals.
System Screens
There are a number of system screens which may be added to portals. This article catalogs all of them and includes the shortcut link.
Hiding Information in Portals
Here are the most common items that schools hide during this period. All of the queries referenced are on the System homepage.
Demo Portal Walkthrough — Webinar Documentation
We've built new pages in our demo portals highlighting the many ways you can use its features to keep your constituents informed, especially in this new world of remote work and learning.