Planning and Timeline for Launching the Admission Portal

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The Admission Portal is used by schools who want to provide their applicants with an online option for completing all their application requirements (e.g. checklist items, application fee, etc.). The Admission Portal is available to applicants after they submit a pre-application and will aid them in managing their admissions process from the inquiry stage through final decision.

The following is the timeline that can be expected for both new and existing Veracross schools who are implementing the Admission Portal. The process is generally the same for new and existing schools, but there are a few differences in the implementation process that may adjust the timeline. These differences are noted in the timeline. Once schools have reviewed this timeline, the Admission Portal overview and configuration process should be reviewed to gain an understanding of what this implementation will entail. After reviewing this information, complete the Admission Portal Questionnaire with your Veracross Account Manager.



Completed 6+ weeks prior to Live Date
  1. The school contacts their Account Manager to find out more information about implementing the Admission Portal.
  2. A meeting between the school and the Account Manager is scheduled to review the process and discuss the Admission Portal capabilities as well as cost.
  3. If the school accepts the quote, the Account Manager reviews the Questionnaire with the school and the school returns it completed.

    For existing schools, Account Managers and schools will need to review existing pre-application and application web forms the school is currently using to determine specifications for the Admission Portal web forms.

  4. The Account Manager reviews the Questionnaire to ensure all information is correct.


Completed 4+ weeks prior to Live Date
  1. Application Checklist Items are configured for Admission Portal usage.
  2. The Admission Portal and appropriate web forms are built and configured according to the school’s specifications (as indicated on the Questionnaire.)
  3. The Account Manger assists the school in editing and verifying Admission Portal related Email Templates.
  4. If the school is publishing decision letters online, update the online decision Text Templates. Verify the Admission Portal Header/Footer text templates.
  5. Confirm user account name convention and that accounts are created for the right groups of people.
  6. Payment configuration is set up for the school.

    If the school does not have online payment configured, an additional week will need to be added to the launch timeline to set up online payment with the school. New schools will need to provide their Account Manager with their payment provider information so that application fees can be collected online. Learn more information about Veracross Checkout.

  7. A meeting is scheduled for full training and review of the Admission Portal.

Training & Testing

Completed 2+ weeks prior to Live Date
  1. The school and the Account Manager meet for full training of the Admission Portal.
  2. The Account Manager assists the school in best practices for launching the Admission Portal.
  3. The school and Account Manager begin testing after fully trained.

Launch Prep

Completed 1 week prior to Live Date
  1. All testing is complete and any outstanding issues discussed.
  2. Launch time confirmed with the Account Manager.


Completed On Live Date
  1. Admission Portal is launched.
  2. The school makes Pre-Application link live on website (if applicable).

A brief note about schools that use LDAP password synchronization and staff/faculty applications: The Admission Portal login page cannot sync passwords with LDAP. Staff/faculty will have to successfully log in at Axiom, portals, the HPU, or one of many other possible Veracross apps before a login at the Admission Portal. For most schools and most staff, this won’t be an issue. Read more about LDAP synchronization by clicking here.