Personal Messages in Portals

As of July 12, 2021, this "Learn Veracross" site has been deprecated.  It will remain live through December 2022, but will no longer be updated. All knowledge content has moved to the new Veracross Community.  Please update your bookmarks.

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Personal Messages provide a single place to view emails sent to a user via both distribution lists and Composer, as well as posts that teachers have made in class websites. Users can view their messages by time, sender, and category. A link to the Channel Update Form is also provided, so users can update their channel preferences.

Displaying Messages

Messages displays three types of communication that the user has received:

  1. Emails sent via Veracross distribution lists. Read more about distribution lists.
  2. Emails sent via Composer. Read more about creating emails in Composer.
  3. Posts teachers have made in their class websites. Read more about content management in class websites.

It does not include system-generated emails such as welcome emails, behavior notifications, assignment notifications, etc. The last 90 days of messages will display; up to 20 messages will display at a time, so this is paginated. Messages that the user has sent will not display here.

Messages can be viewed in three different ways, accessed with the icons in the upper right.

Recent (Sorted by Time)

View messages sorted in descending chronological order and divided into larger date units (Today, Last Week, etc.).   The columns displayed are:

  • Unread Message Indicator (a blue dot)
  • Sender (“From”)
  • Channel and Subject
    • The channel is displayed in small gray text, and will simply display “Distribution List” if not sent with Composer)
    • Subject will be bold if the message has not been viewed
  • Date Sent

Click a message to view its contents, and see additional messages with the “More” links at the bottom.

People (Sorted by Sender)

View messages arranged by sender, broadly arranged into two main categories:

  • Administrators, et al., who can use distribution lists and Composer to send emails
  • Teachers. Parents will see emails and posts from teachers organized by their children (in the screenshot here, see separate emails sent regarding Johnny and Sheila). Students will see emails organized by their teachers.

Unseen messages are indicated with a blue dot, and the date of the sender’s most recent message is displayed under their name in gray text. Click a sender’s name to view all messages sent from that person organized in descending chronological order.

Categories (Sorted by Channel)

View messages organized by channel. Emails sent with distribution lists are listed in their own section. Channel categories are displayed alphabetically, in which are listed the channels. Click a channel to view emails sent in it, organized in descending chronological order.

Note that only channels and categories that have been used to send emails will be displayed (i.e., no blank channels will display).

Click the “Channel Update Form” link to manage channel preferences. Read more about the Channel Update Form.