Personal iCal Feeds

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Internet Calendars (also referred to as iCalendar or iCal) are a way to share calendars across applications. You can subscribe to Veracross calendars using a variety of applications, and they will update automatically with new events.  Some examples of iCalendar enabled applications are Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and popular mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Calendar and Event Visibility

Parents and students are only able to subscribe to calendars they can already see in the Portals. Furthermore, the events in the calendar subscriptions are the same as the events that can already be seen in the Portals.

Subscribing to Calendars

By default, when you click on a calendar subscription link in the Veracross Portals, you will be prompted to subscribe to that calendar in your default calendar program (usually Microsoft Outlook or Apple Calendars). If you want to subscribe using Google Calendar, you can select the “Subscribe Using Google Calendar” checkbox before clicking on a link. Note that different calendar programs may have different refresh times. In testing, Apple Calendars can refresh as frequently as every 5 minutes, while Google Calendars may take 5+ hours. We recommend you research which program would work best for your specific workflows.

If you want to subscribe to a calendar in a different program, see the application-specific instructions provided below. To subscribe in an application other than your default calendar application, you will need to right-click on a link and select “Copy Link Address” to have it available to paste in to the appropriate field per the instructions.

Note: Personal calendars subscriptions are supported for 4 weeks back and 52 weeks ahead of today. You can still create the events in Veracross beyond those bounds, but they will not show on personal calendars. 40 weeks is enough time to cover an entire school year, and the next year, once inside the second half a school year. Veracross believes this is sufficient for personal subscriptions.

Desktop Applications

Web Applications

iPhone and iPad

  • Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then tap Add Account.
  • Tap Other, then tap Add Subscribed Calendar.
  • Paste the link into the field and hit “Next”

Available Calendars

Teachers, Parents, and Students can subscribe to the following calendars from their portal:


  • Student calendar (Without assignments)
  • My class schedules
  • All my assignments
  • Assignments by class


  • My household calendar (Without assignments)
  • All my children’s assignments
  • Assignments by child
  • All my children’s class schedules
  • Class schedules by child
  • My children’s team’s schedules


  • All faculty events
  • All my class schedules
  • All my class assignments
  • Assignments by class


  • School calendar
  • All athletic teams (games & practices)