Person Reference Numbers

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Veracross provides a way to store reference numbers associated with people. Schools can define as many reference number types as they want — a common usage is to record legacy ID information during implementations. An import type is available to allow large uploads of person reference data. This article covers security around person reference numbers, configuring person reference type, adding them manually to person records, and uploading them in bulk.


The security roles able to interact with Person Reference Numbers are as follows:


  • Admissions_1
  • Development_1


  • Admissions_2
  • Business_1
  • Development_2
  • All Division Heads (0, 1, 2, and 3)
  • Employment
  • Staff_1
  • Staff_2

Defining Person Reference Number Type

A person reference type is simply a category for a type of number that can be associated with a person in Veracross. Some potential use cases include:

  • legacy student ID numbers
  • third party ID numbers (for the school bookstore, other websites, etc.)

The number itself can be any alphanumeric sequence and may be up to 200 characters long. The person reference type is simply the name of the reference type (description) and (optional) notes.

  • View existing types via the Person Reference Types query in the Administration section of the System homepage.
  • Add a new person reference type with the Add Person Reference Type link in the same section (or use the Add+ menu in the upper right).
  • Find existing person reference types with the Find Person Reference Number query in the General section of the System homepage.

Adding a Person Reference Number to a Person

Reference numbers are accessible on the Reference Numbers tab of a person record.

To add a reference number:

  1. Click Add Record…
  2. In the data grid, select the reference type and type the reference value.
  3. Click Update to add the reference number.

Person Reference Number Details

Click View Detail to see additional details associated with the reference number. The middle column contains information most relevant to implementing schools. The right column provides quick access to input and update information.

Importing Person Reference Numbers

An import type for person reference numbers exists. If you would like this template turned on at your school, please speak with your account manager. You can read documentation on this template here.