Person Citizenship Import Type

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The Veracross Data Importer allows you to import and update people's citizenships in Axiom. The import both adds and updates citizenships on person records, as well as their passport information. Countries need to exist in Veracross prior to the upload. If you do not see a country represented in the list of countries in Axiom, please speak with your account manager.

Importing person citizenships involves:

  1. Preparing the data for upload using the "Person Citizenship" import type template found at
  2. Uploading the data using the Veracross Data Importer.

Preparing the Data for Upload

Prepare a comma-separated-value (CSV) file containing all data to import. This file must contain all columns in the order listed below.

Recommendation: Use the import template provided at, rather than creating your own CSV file. This can eliminate many unintentional errors.

Fields in the Import Type Template

Column (Field) ValuesNotes
person_idRequired value. Numeric format. Supply the internal person ID from Veracross. Find it in the Person ID column of a standard Find People query on the Main homepage (and many other places).
countryRequired value. Numeric value. Supply the country ID of the citizenship. Find it in the Country ID column of a Country query.
primary_citizenshipText value. Determines whether or not this country is the person's primary citizenship. Available options are "Y" for yes or "N" for no. If this column is left blank, the default value is "N".
passport_numberText value. The passport number of the person. 30 character limit.
passport_issuing_authorityText value. The issuing authority of the person's passport. 100 character limit.
passport_issue_dateDate format (YYYY-MM-DD). The date that this passport was issued.
passport_expiration_dateDate format (YYYY-MM-DD). The expiration date of this passport.


Would this import let someone have multiple primary countries or no primary countries?No. If an import would cause a person to not have primary citizenship or have multiple countries with primary citizenship, then the import will fail.
Can I update someone's passport information using this import type?Yes. If the person_id and country values match, then it will replace existing information for the rest of the fields.
Where is passport information stored? I can't seem to find it...Passport information is stored on the International tab of a person record. If this tab is not enabled for your school, passport infomation can be found in this query.