Person Charge Item Importing

As of July 12, 2021, this "Learn Veracross" site has been deprecated.  It will remain live at least through July 2022, but will no longer be updated. All knowledge content has moved to the new Veracross Community.  Please update your bookmarks.

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This article details how to import person charge items using the Veracross Importer tool.

Enter the Data into the PCI Import Template

  1. On the Import Processing homepage, select Invoke Importer and log in.
  2. Select New Data Import.
  3. Select Accounting: PCI Import and download the Accounting: PCI Import CSV template.
  4. Enter the PCI data into the import template (see sample template and field definitions below).
  5. Save the CSV file to your computer and specify a file name that identifies the contents or purpose of the file.

Field Definitions

Every field in the file must be populated with data - all are required. 

  • person_id: Person ID number from the Veracross system
  • person_name: Person name (imported as text, can be any format. Helpful for manual validation review.)
  • school_year: 4 digit number representing school year associated with the transaction . "2021" refers to the 2021-2022 year. 
  • item_date: Transaction date (required). Typical format is mm/dd/yyyy
  • catalog_item_fk: Catalog Item ID number from the Veracross system. Click the link to refer to your unique IDs. 
  • description: Transaction description. Text. We recommend using the same description as the catalog item description, but it's not necessary to do so: the text description provided here will display on the invoice. (100 maximum characters)
  • quantity: Number of units to be billed (positive number). Typically "1" is the appropriate quantity, but can be a different number if you are billing someone for multiple units of the charge type.
  • unit_price: Price per unit. Any number including zero is allowed. Should be equal to the default catalog price. 
  • item_amount: Total amount of item. This is the amount actually being invoiced for this person. 

Load the PCI Import Template into the Database

  1. On the Import Processing homepage, select Invoke Importer and log in.
  2. Select New Data Import.
  3. Select Accounting: PCI Import.
  4. Select the Choose File option, and locate and select the template file saved in the process documented above.
  5. Click Import button to load the template data into the Veracross database.

Validate the Person Charge Item Data

After the raw data has been loaded into Veracross, it must be validated to ensure that all required information was provided and that it conforms to Veracross standards.

  1. On the Import Processing homepage, under the AR/Billing Importers section, click the the unprocessed charge items will appear in the Unprocessed Transactions query.
  2. Click on PCI Import Processing. 
  3. Choose Option Code 11 – Validate Imported PCIs – to validate the information
  4. Click Add Process Imported PCI.  All Processing Statuses should be updated to Validated.
  5. If any of the PCIs do not have a processing status of Validated, they can be found in the Invalid Transactions link and will need to be fixed.
  6. Re-run Option Code 11 to Validate any charges that needed updating. 

Create the Person Charge Item Data

This process will create Unposted Student Charges for each validated item.

  1. In the AR/Billing Importers section, click the PCI Import Processing link.
  2. Specify the Option Code 12 – Create Imported PCIs.
  3. Choose a Begin and End Item Date, if needed.
  4. Click Add Process Imported PCI.

View the uploaded PCIs in your Unposted Student Charge Listing report, on the Student Billing homepage in the Reports section.

Video on How to Import Person Charge Items

Please watch this video that demonstrates How to Import Person Charge Items.