Payout with Only Receipts in VC Pay

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Step By Step

  1. Receive Payout
    • Payments collected by Blue Snap are transferred to School’s bank account. At this time, Veracross receives a “Payout” record.
    • This record captures all transactions that make up the amount deposited in the Bank.
  1. Review Payout  
    • Amounts tabulated at the Header level, should match the related Checkout Receipts and Payout Items

  1. Create Cash Receipt Batch 
    • In the Action Menu, select ‘Create Receipt CR Batch’
      • This creates a new cash receipt batch with all related transactions
  1. Finally, Post the Cash Receipt Batch
    • After running step 3, click on the CR Batches Tab
    • Drill into the appropriate batch
      • Ensure the net Batch Total matches the Transactions less any fees
      • In the Action Menu, select ‘Post Receipts’