Parent/Student Sign-Up for Online Event Registration

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Online event registration forms can be configured to allow various different users to sign up for events. One common user group is parents who sign up related students for one or more events. Because parents and students are considered “Veracross” users, the first step for registering for an event will be signing in with their Veracross credentials. In this configuration, parents will only be allowed to sign their children up for events that apply to them.

Parents registering their students for an event will follow some combination of the below five steps. Depending on form configuration some sections (such as the “Extra Questions” section) may not always be present on the form.

Parents Registering Child(ren) for an Event

Step 1: Log In

Parents log in with their Veracross user credentials. This allows relevant child information to appear on the form so parents can sign up all or some of their children for the event at one time.

Step 2: Select Event & Children

Select which events each child should be signed up for. In the case where a parent is registering multiple children for an event(s), a separate checkbox will be listed per child for each event they qualify to attend. Note, in the example, this registration form allows sign up for multiple events (two band field trips throughout the year) and multiple children.

Step 3: Complete Extra Questions

The extra questions step of event registration is an optional section to include per event registration. If included, parents will see a set of questions for each child they have signed up to attend an event in the previous step. These questions are often event specific, such as selecting a lunch option or t-shirt size. Once all required questions have been answered, parents should select the “Summary” button to view a summary of their registration before continuing on to payment.

Step 4: Summary & Total Purchase of Registration

The summary page displays a list of all event registrations made per child per event. It will also display the total bill for the registration(s) if payment is required.

Pay Now

Opting to “Pay Now” opens a payment window where parents can enter in their payment information and confirm the registration.

Step 5 Success!

When all steps in the registration process have been complete, parents will receive a confirmation window notifying them they have successfully registered their child(ren) for the event!