Parent & Student Portals

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Household Profile Update (HPU) Form Overview
The Veracross Household Profile Update (HPU) system allows schools to create multiple household update forms according to specific contexts within the database.
Parent/Teacher Conferences Setup & Overview
The Parent/Teacher Conference module allows parents to sign up online for teacher conferences in the Veracross Parent Portal. The module also allows schools to manage and track conference events within Axiom and provide teachers with a conference schedule in the Veracross Teacher Portal.
Daily Student Schedule
The Daily Student Schedule feature displays all of a student’s schedule data for a particular day, unifying potentially disparate information about class schedules, athletic and events, transportation arrangements, and more in a single view.
Gathering Parent Information Through the Portals
The following article seeks to give a comprehensive overview of the kinds of information schools typically gather from parents and where this information can be collected in Veracross.
HPU Form Activation
Household Profile Update (HPU) forms are made available to school constituents through a combination of the “Active” checkbox on the HPU Admin tool and HPU related portal links. Both the form and the related portal link must be active and enabled in order for the form to be visible to school constituents.
HPU Form Configuration
Household Profile Update forms (HPU) exist to enable parents to verify and update a specific set of family information stored in a Veracross database.
HPU Form Contexts, Categories, and Card Options
The Household Profile Update (HPU) feature exists to enable parents to verify and update a specific set of family information stored in a Veracross database.
Invoices for Future Parents
There are two ways to give future parents access to their invoices online.
Invoices in the Parent Portal
Invoices can be viewed and paid directly in the Parent Portal. Configure it as needed to simply display invoices, display and allow for online payment, or display and allow for online payment with auto-pay.
Launching Parent & Student Portals for the First Time
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview Launching the Parent and Student portals is a significant event for the school and for Veracross.  It is a very public facing event and it involves a lot of coordi...
Publishing Student Files and Links to the Parent Portal
Student files and links can be published in the parent portal. Publishing has to be enabled in the portal configuration, at which point individual files and links can be published as desired (they can also be batch published using the standard batch updating feature of Axiom).
Manually Reserving Timeslots for Parent/Teacher Conferences
During the course of Parent Teacher Conference scheduling, it is sometimes necessary to reserve a conference slot for a parent manually within Axiom.
Student Course Enrollment Document
The Student Course Enrollment document displays a list of all academic courses based on the student’s enrollment for the school year specified on the “active schedule year” system parameter.
Student Logistic Requests in the Parent Portal
The Student Logistics Request is a feature of the Parent Portal that allows parents to update their students’ current absences, transportation plan, or extended care schedules.
Parent/Teacher Conference Troubleshooting
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview When publishing parent/teacher conferences to the portals, there are a number of common misconfigurations that typically arise. We've compiled steps for fixing t...