Parent 1-4 Definitions and Logic

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Veracross populates the Parent 1, Parent 2, Parent 3, and Parent 4 fields on a person record according to a predetermined logic. The purpose of this article is to explain how the list is propogated and what factors determine what order a parent ends up on within a student record.

Display and Abbreviations

In the student detail screen, the parents are listed in the center section in descending order from Parent 1 to Parent 4. Following is a guide on what displays in these fields and how to interpret them:

  • First Name will always be displayed.
  • Last Name will be displayed if it differs from that of the student.
  • Role Abbreviation will display if child does not have a mother and father who are married.
    • F=Father,
    • M=Mother
    • G=Guardian
    • SF=Step-Father
    • SM=Step-Mother
    • NR=Does not reside with the child
    • NC=Does not have legal custody of the child)

Note: If the relationship between this person is not listed above, it will examine the relationship between the two and populate with that wording, e.g., grandmother.


Before examining any other roles or permissions, the system populates the Parent 1-4 fields in the following order:

  1. Father w/ Legal Custody
  2. Mother w/ Legal Custody
  3. Guardian
  4. Step-Father
  5. Step-Mother
  6. Male w/ Legal Custody
  7. Female w/ Legal Custody

If a role is not present — for example, if the child does not have a Guardian listed — the system will instead look for the next option further down the list and populate the field with that option, if available. For example, if a child only has a mother and father listed, the Parent 1-4 fields will look like:

Parent 1: Father
Parent 2: Mother
Parent 3:
Parent 4:

Note: In all cases after Father & Mother w/ Legal Custody, residency will take precidence.

Cases of Divorce

In the case of divorce, when examining sets of parents/step-parents, the system looks at who the child is residing with and will prioritize them on the list. This means that, if a child has divorced parents and is residing with the mother, she will be Parent 1 and the father will be Parent 2. If both the father and the mother remarried, between the step-mother and the step-father, the one who currently resides with the child will take priority between them.

Example: Bill Brown Jr’s parents are divorced. He lives with his mother, Barbara Hapley, and his step-father, Chris Hapley. His father, Bill Brown Sr., has partial custody of Bill and lives with his wife, Stacey Brown.

The Parent 1-4 fields on Bill Brown Jr’s student detail record would be as follows:

Parent 1: Barbara Hapley (M)
Parent 2: Bill (F/NR)
Parent 3: Chris Hapley (SF)
Parent 4: Stacey (SM/NR/NC)

Other Relationships

In cases when a student is not living with their parents, the individuals with who the student is residing will be populated into the “Parent” 1-4 fields. It will populate the individual in the Parent fields; their role will be listed in parentheses after their name.

Example: Jack Garren lives with his grandmother, Emily Garren, and does not have contact with his parents.

The Parent 1-4 fields on Jack Garren’s student detail record would be as follows:

Parent 1: Emily Garren (grandmother)
Parent 2:
Parent 3:
Parent 4: