Our GPA reports are showing an equation, but the calculated value is "0." What are we missing?

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If you’re looking at a student’s GPA report and you see that there is an equation for the calculation — such as 100 grade points earned and 25 credits attempted (100/25) = 4.0 — but the GPA itself is showing as “0,” this could be due to your GPA Configuration’s display format. To access the GPA configuration, complete the following steps:

  1. From the System homepage, click on the GPA Configuration query.
  2. Click in the numeric link in the ID field for the GPA configuration you're looking for. 

The value in the display format field typically looks like this: 0.00

While this field can technically contain other characters, if there is a quotation mark or apostrophe before the value, “0.00” or ‘0.00’ for example, this will cause GPAs to display as a 0. Removing any apostrophes or quotation marks should resolve this issue.

If you are still seeing a 0 as the calculated value after rectifying this issue, please submit a ticket with Veracross Support.