Implementation Questionnaire for Other Programs Registration

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This questionnaire is designed to collect details about your preferred configuration for Other Programs Registration. When the questionnaire is complete, your Account Manager will work with an engineer to configure the module according to your specifications. Setup will be based on the timeline approved during previous discussion with your Account Manager. Learn more about the specific configuration options available.

Configuration Questionnaire

  1. What is the expected Go Live date?
  2. Should registration forms be person- or household-centric?
  3. Who is the target audience?
    • Public
    • Private
    • Both
  4. Who will the registrants be?
    • Parents
    • Students
  5. Should there be a link to Other Programs Registration in the Parent Portal?
  6. Which payment method should be available to registrants?
    • Online Payment Only
    • Cash Payment Only
    • Online & Cash Payments
    • No Payment (Free)
  7. If you would like to offer online payment, is a payment gateway already configured at your school? Note: if a payment gateway is not configured, please review the list of supported payment providers, and plan to allow an extra three to six weeks for configuration.
  8. If you would like to offer online payment, is a payment gateway already integrated with Veracross in other areas of functionality (i.e. application fee, enrollment deposit,online giving, online event registration, etc.)?
    • If a payment gateway has not been integrated with Veracross, please provide the configuration parameters and allow an extra two weeks for configuration.
  9. If you would like to offer online payment, which payment options would you like to make available to registrants?
    • Credit Card
    • ACH
    • Both
  10. If you will display prices for class registrations, what currency should be displayed?
  11. Are there any additional fees for registrants other than regular class fees? If yes, how should those fees be applied? (Example: $50 late fee applies after April 1.) Please Note: additional fee configuration may be subject to extra cost.
  12. Are there any discounts for registrants?
    1. If yes, what type of discounts are they?
      • Automatic/Calculated
      • Discount Code
    2. What are the discounts that are offered?
  13. Should the registration form allow a waitlist?
    • If yes, should waitlist length/queue be displayed?
  14. What Program Registration Availability Method should be used for program classes?
    • All Registrations
    • Paid Registrations
  15. Should the registration form display the number of available seats per class?
  16. Will your school launch Other Programs Registration as a phased roll out?
    1. If so, how many registrations should the user be allowed to enroll in during phase 1?
    2. How many registrations per phase?
    3. How many total phases?
  17. Should the registration form calculate child grade level on Current Grade or Grade Applying For?
  18. Which course classification identifies courses eligible for registration?
  19. Are these courses/classes already in Veracross?
    • If not, do you plan to enter them manually or should they be uploaded?
      1. If an upload, please download and fill out the Other Programs Class Upload Template. Note: If classes will be entered through an upload, class schedules will need to be entered manually. 
      2. If classes will be entered manually, please be sure to enter the appropriate data on the class record (as seen in the upload template).
  20. How should courses be organized on the registration form (by subject, by week, none, etc.)?
  21. How should courses be sorted on the registration form (alphabetically, by time, by course sort key, etc.)?
    • If course sort key should be used, please note that the sort key number is treated as a string. For example, if you have one course sort key set to “2” and another course sort key set to “1234,” the course with the sort key of “1234” will be first because the leading digit “1” comes before “2.”
  22. Will you use the Course Catalog Description (description per course) or Class Curriculum Records (description per class) to provide an overview for each program offered?
  23. What Program Enrollment Strategy will be used for program classes?
    • All Registrations
    • Paid Registrations
    • Do Not Auto Enroll