Online Re-Enrollment FAQ

Can I change the name of the Enrollment Intention form?

The Enrollment Intentions Form enables parents to specify contract-affecting intentions before opening their contracts.

The "name" of the Enrollment Intentions Form.

Unfortunately, the title of the Enrollment Intention form cannot be modified.

Click here to read more about Enrollment Intention Form functionality.

How do we start re-enrollment if we don't use the Online Enrollment module?

The first step in starting re-enrollment for the following year is the same, whether you have the online enrollment module or not: 

  1. Navigate to the System Homepage 
  2. Click the Action menu (lightning bolt) and run the “Start Re-Enrollment” procedure. This creates re-enrollment records for next year for eligible current students, and increments the Year Applying For and Grade Applying For fields accordingly. For example, a student in second grade during the 19-20 school year will now have a "Grade Applying For" value as third grade, and a "Year Applying For" value as 20-21. 

Can we display Online Re-Enrollment Contracts on the Parent Portal?

No, currently it is not possible to link to the contract in the Parent Portal.  When a family completes the contract in the Enrollment Portal, they can download it from the Enrollment Portal directly. 

How can I hide a payment plan from the ORE/OE Portal?

If there is a payment plan that you no longer want to show on the Enrollment Contract as an option for the Parents to choose from, remove the text in the Web Description (Required) field. When this field is blank, the plan will be hidden from the portal.

The payment plan will still be available in the backend as this action does not delete it, just removes it from view in the contract. 

How do we configure a certain Student to be On Hold for Re-Enrollment?

Sometimes there will be a situation where you will need to put a student's enrollment on hold.  Reasons are school-specific but examples include holding a student's enrollment due to unpaid fees from the previous year, not returning school property or waiting for Financial Aid. 

To mark the enrollment as "On-Hold" and communicate that to the parent, populate the following:

  1.  Navigate to the Online Enrollment Homepage, Find Re-Enrollment query and find the applicable Student's Enrollment Record
  2. On the General tab you can add custom Hold notes that only this Student's parent will see.  (You will want to use verbiage in the Hold Notes text box to describe to the parents why ORE is On Hold for them.)  
  3. Then go to the Enrollment Checklist Tab and mark the (Re)Enrollment on Hold Checklist Item as "Completed".   

Now the Student will successfully be placed  On Hold until these actions are reversed. 

Can I limit ORE/OE Policies to the Resident Parent only?

To limit ORE/OE policies to the Resident Parent only, navigate to the Policy Form Record, and on the Update Authorization field choose the drop-down choice of "Resident Parent Only".  Please note that a Non-Resident Parent will still be able to see the Policies just not edit them. 

Are Amounts & Catalog Items the same thing?

Yes! In VCX terminology an Amount and a Catalog Item represent the same data record.  The Amount terminology is used in the Online Enrollment context and the Amount's query is located on the Online Enrollment Homepage.  The terminology of Catalog Item is used in the Student Billing Module. 

What is Online Re-enrollment?

The Online Re-Enrollment module enables a Parent or Legal Guardian to complete the entire Re-Enrollment process for their child(s) online.

To learn more about the Online Re-Enrollment module, please review our documentation on this topic.

Is it possible to filter the payment plan options on the Online (Re)Enrollment contract?

The display of payment plans on an online (re-)enrollment contract can be filtered on a number of parameters, including:

  • Profile Codes
  • Student Groups
  • the existence of Financial Aid records

If you want to adjust filtering for these payment plans, it must be done by Vercross, so please submit a ticket through the client support portal for further assistance.

What will families see if their student's enrollment portal has been closed?

An "Unavailable Message" can be configured for both new enrollments and re-enrollments in the enrollment portal if the portal has been closed. To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Online Enrollment homepage, look to the "Core Configuration" section.
    • For New Enrollments, click on the Online Enrollment Config link.
    •  For Re-Enrollments, click on the Online Re-Enrollment Config link.
  2. In the text box labeled "Unavailable Message" on the General tab, write the message you want parents to see when they try to access the closed portal.
  3. Click Update.

Can I close the Enrollment portal completely for certain students so that families cannot access it?

Yes, it is possible to close individual students Enrollment Portal.

  1. Run the Find (Re)Enrollment query on the Online Enrollment homepage to find the student whose portal you want to close.
  2. Once the Student in question is pulled into your query, click on the View Detail link next to the student's name. This is their Enrollment Detail record.
  3. On the General Tab, switch the "Is Portal Open" flag to "No".  The parent will now get the unavailable message that has been configured on the Enrollment or Re-Enrollment configuration screen when they try to access the portal.

What do Incomplete, In Progress, and Completed Checklist Statuses Mean?

In the online enrollment portal, checklist items can have have one of three statuses:

  • Incomplete: The item has not been started yet. In multi-child families, it means that the item has not been started for any child.
  • In Progress: The item has been begun but not yet finished. In multi-child families, it means that at least one element of the item has been started for at least one child.
    • Example: If a parent has three children in the portal, and has completed school policies for one child but not the other two, the checklist item would be "In Progress."
  • Completed: All elements of the item have been completed. In multi-child families, all elements must be completed for all children.
    • Example: If a parent has three children in the portal, the checklist item for school policies will become "Completed" when questions are completed for all children. 

I’ve run the Start Re-Enrollment procedure but have changed my mind. Is there any way to revert the changes that have been made?

Because there is no way to undo changes implemented while running the "Start Re-Enrollment" procedure without seeking help from Veracross, it is recommended that you are absolutely sure you are prepared before running this procedure.

There is not currently an undo procedure to reverse of the changes of the Start Re-Enrollment procedure once the procedure has been run. If you need to undo the changes made when running the "Start Re-Enrollment" procedure, please submit a ticket with Veracross Support indicating as such.

How do I add/edit/view enrollment policy form responses?

Enrollment policy form responses let you configure options for policy forms typically used during enrollment and are controllable by schools. To read more about enrollment policies, please read our documentation here. To access enrollment policy form responses, perform the following steps:

Viewing Policy Form Responses

  1. From the Online Enrollment homepage, click on the Policy Responses query link in the Integrated Forms section.
  2. Click into the enrollment policy response group record by clicking the value in either the ID or Description field.

Editing Policy Form Responses

  1. Follow the directions above in the "Viewing Policy Form Responses" section.
  2. Make edits in the detail screen to match what you are looking for.
  3. Click Update.

Creating Policy Form Responses

  1. From either the Online Enrollment or System homepages, hover over the "+Add" button and click the Policy Response option.
  2. Build out the detail screen to mirror what you'd like.
  3. Click the Add Record button.

Can Contract Amendments render text merges (like Contract sections)?

No, Contract Amendments are static text + signature only.

How do I make sure the 'Grade Applying For' is correct for a student that is repeating a grade?

It is important to know which Grade Applying For value you should set for a student that is repeating a grade. To check this, perform the following steps:

  1. On a student's detail screen, navigate to the Enrollment Checklist tab.
  2.  Edit the Grade Level field to reflect the correct grade they are applying for. 
    • Although the field is labeled "Grade Level", if you hover over the dotted line you will see that this also represents 'Grade Applying For'.
  3. Click Update.
  4.  Once you update this information, it reflects on their re-enrollment.

Can I change the question text on the enrollment intention form?

Not directly — the question text on an enrollment intention form must be adjusted by Veracross. If you want to change the question text, please submit a ticket through our client support portal containing the exact wording of the text you wish to change and what you want to change it to.

How can we add or make changes to the “School Chosen” list on the withdrawal/decline form during OE/ORE?

The list of schools on the withdrawal/decline form is completely customizable. The list pulls all organizations from your school’s database that have the Profile Code of "Online Enrollment Decline School".

Just like with all profile codes, these can be manually removed and added from organizations and the withdrawal/decline form list of schools will reflect these changes immediately. 

You can read more about the withdrawal/decline forms in documentation here.

Can I enroll a student mid-year using the Online Enrollment portal when I have already started online enrollment for the upcoming school year?

Yes, with a few configuration adjustments in most cases you can make your Online Enrollment Portal ‘year agnostic’ to allow you to leverage Online Enrollment functionality during the current year and for the upcoming school year at the same time.

Here are the configurations that should be adjusted:

  1. Add two homepage ‘Policy Update’ components to the New Enrollment configuration record. 
    The two components should be identical, with the exception of the ‘Policy Form’ specified on the component; one policy update component should be pointing to the policy form for the current school year, and the other policy update component should be pointing to the policy form for the upcoming school year. The system only displays one policy update section to the enrolling student based on the form that matches their ‘Year Applying For’ value on their enrollment detail record.

  2.  Update any homepage and contract components to remove hard-coded references to school years.
    Remove hard-coded school years in the homepage sections (for example, have the title ‘Welcome to Online Enrollment for Veracross University!’ instead of ‘Welcome to 2020-2021 Online Enrollment for Veracross University!’).

    In lieu of hard-coding a school year into your contract section components, instead substitute merge fields, such as {{Student.SchoolYearLong}}. The system will automatically merge in the correct school year based on the ‘Year Applying For’ value on the enrollment detail record.

  3. Adjust Override Amounts as Needed
    Oftentimes mid-year enrollees have prorated tuition amounts that should appear on the contract, and those amounts should be prorated based on current year tuition amounts rather than the tuition amounts already configured for the upcoming school year.

    From the ‘Override Amounts’ tab on the student’s enrollment detail record, specify in the ‘applied amount’ column the correct prorated amount for each amount type. The ‘Applied Amount’ specified is what is pulled into the enrollment contract amounts table.

  4. Consider Contract Text Adjustments
    Though oftentimes the enrollment agreement text within the contract can be made year-agnostic though the use of merge fields, there may be cases where you want to include an additional statement for mid-year enrollees. Use the ‘Contract Text Insert’ field on the student enrollment detail record to add that student-specific text, and ensure that the merge field for that field – {{Student.ContractTextInsert}} – is placed within the enrollment agreement template in the place where you’d like that statement to appear. If nothing is populated in the ‘Contract Text Insert’ field for a student, the merge field will not appear on their contract.

If there are additional pieces of your Online Enrollment process that need to vary between the current and upcoming school years, such as payment plans or optional extras, please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss if additional configuration changes can be made to accommodate those differences.

For more details about the Online Enrollment module, please see our Online Re-Enrollment Overview.

I am testing online enrollment, but I am unable to edit the contract, why is this?

There are two likely system configurations that could be affecting the ability to edit a contract: the configured access for the student you are testing with or the enrollment checklist configuration.

1.      The first thing you should check is the “Access” tab of the enrollment detail record of the student you are testing with. Navigate to this by:

  1. On the student's person record, click into the Enrollment tab.
  2. Click on the View Detail link for the admissions year you are accessing the Enrollment detail record of.
  3. Click on the Access tab of the Enrollment detail record.
  4. On the Access tab, ensure that the parent you are logged in as (you can see the username in the top right corner of the online enrollment portal) does not have Online Enrollment Access configuration of Read Only.
  5. Double-check the additional fields such as “HPU” to ensure they are all configured properly for this parent.

2.      The second thing to check is the Enrollment Checklist configuration. You can access the Enrollment Checklist query on the Online Enrollment Homepage in the “Core Configuration Section.” You can see an individual’s enrollment checklist on the “Enr Checklist” tab of the student’s Enrollment Detail record.

The setting to look for is if checklist items have the flag checked for “Contract Pre-requisite”. This means that the particular checklist item with the flag must be marked as completed in the enrollment portal before the contract can be edited. You must to go back to the portal and ensure you completed all those items and then you should be able to edit the contract.

You may also find these documentation articles on the topic helpful:

If I have both Veracross Accounting and the ORE module, which database do I update my tuition amounts in?

You can update tuition amounts in either database! They are the same record in the Amounts query of the ORE homepage and the Catalog Item Listing in your Accounting database, so updating one will also reflect on the other.

How do I remove a re-/enrollment override amount? When I try to clear out the value, “.00” remains.

On a student’s enrollment detail — accessible by clicking on the link on the Enrollment tab on their person record — there is an Override Amounts tab. This tab lists out all OE/ORE amounts that apply to this student and presents an option to enter an override amount on a student-by-student basis. 

If a value was entered as an override amount and needs to be removed, delete the amount by clicking on the red X. The system then automatically replaces the original amount without an override amount specified.