Online Re-Enrollment FAQ

Can I change the name of the Enrollment Intention form?

The Enrollment Intentions Form enables parents to specify contract-affecting intentions before opening their contracts.

The "name" of the Enrollment Intentions Form.

Unfortunately, the title of the Enrollment Intention form cannot be modified.

Click here to read more about Enrollment Intention Form functionality.

How do we start re-enrollment if we don't use the Online Enrollment module?

The first step in starting re-enrollment for the following year is the same, whether you have the online enrollment module or not: 

  1. Navigate to the System Homepage 
  2. Click the Action menu (lightning bolt) and run the “Start Re-Enrollment” procedure. This creates re-enrollment records for next year for eligible current students, and increments the Year Applying For and Grade Applying For fields accordingly. For example, a student in second grade during the 19-20 school year will now have a "Grade Applying For" value as third grade, and a "Year Applying For" value as 20-21. 

Can we display Online Re-Enrollment Contracts on the Parent Portal?

No, currently it is not possible to link to the contract in the Parent Portal.  When a family completes the contract in the Enrollment Portal, they can download it from the Enrollment Portal directly. 

Are Amounts & Catalog Items the same thing?

Yes! In VCX terminology an Amount and a Catalog Item represent the same data record.  The Amount terminology is used in the Online Enrollment context and the Amount's query is located on the Online Enrollment Homepage.  The terminology of Catalog Item is used in the Student Billing Module.